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Crystal Concierge - buying help

If you're local, you'll want to visit our flagship storefront Portal Crystal Gallery (489 Mass. Ave. Arington, MA 02474). It's a beautiful showcase of cheaper (under $20) items and finer specimens, arrayed according to our 10 Energy Zone system. We also have an extensive backstock, with infinitely more product than we have on display or online.

Virtually - we offer a Quality Custom Crystal Mail Order Service - learn more here:

We are continuously fielding inquiries online, or from folks we meet in the store, for follow-up and drilled down searches for items that particularly interest them. Since we have a huge back stock - and most of our product is offline - entering into dialog about what you're looking for is the very best way to find "the right thing." Sometimes it's a handful of items, sometimes it's a particular piece of jewelry, or say a Moldavite of their dreams.

To get the best quality attention, simply write me:

We have MANY happy customers who've taken advantage of these unique offerings!

Crystal ID Service - identify your stones

Please visit to have your stones identified, all the details are provided/explained there.

Here's the back story of how this offering came to be. I used to casually identify stones for people who'd message me with photos, but that all changed in 2021, after I got over 1000 such requests to do so. You see, I made a video lamenting a message I got on Instagram - "what is it" they asked (quite simply, and I think rudely) - no introduction, no please or thank you. I'm not a Google Search bar, so I appreciate old fashioned decencies like introductions: how you heard of me, your name, where you're from.

Anyhow, to stem the flow, I started charging a measly $5 for the service. That's increasing (or already up) to $12. I figure - if your stones aren't worth parting with a few dollars (to learn more about them) - why would they be worth putting my time and expertise into them?

I hope that doesn't sound rude on my part - but this is my profession after all - and time taken identifying other stones is being taken away from supervising my staff, merchandising, and offering my other services to those who value them more highly.

Crystal Meditations - virtual and in person

I offer live and virtual Crystal Meditations each month. I believe that guided Crystal Meditation is the most direct way to experience and work with crystals. The latest online Meditation can be found at this page, which gets updated each month with the following month's date. Don't be afraid to sign up, we'll send you a Replay link if it's hard to catch in real time.

If you're local to Boston, you may want to attend our in-person Meditations. Those and all our other offerings can be found on the Events page, here on

For more background, you can check out some of the videos we've posted to a Crystal Meditation playlist on YouTube. Also, you can read 2 relevant blogs: about Crystal Healing Meditations here and about my Crystal Intention Meditation here.

Any questions? Email

Consultations - including individual wellness sessions

Often my Crystal ID Service - separately listed here in the Services section of my site is enough - or it can lead to further discussions, as I do financial (and energetic) appraisals of your collection. I'm not a gemologist, and I have one for when certifications are required. But I do have 30+ years in the business, so I know - particularly with regards to the metaphysical market - a vast amount about innumerable stones! Such conversations can range from being free of charge to costing hundreds of dollars, if I come out to your place, and help you catalog your collection.

Now I also do remote and in person Crystal Wellness Sessions - I don't call it Crystal Healing per se - because I can't promise that outcome. But I can assure you that time spent together will contribute to your understanding regarding stones (and your health and well being). You can learn more about the maximum engagement that might entail at this blog link: click here to learn more

In addition to my Educational and Wellness offerings, I am also able to help you with some more uncommon requests: LIFE TRANSITIONS / RITUALS OF PASSAGE including coming of age, preparation for travel, coping with illness, death, etc. LONG DISTANCE HEALING through time and space, including the dead or no longer cognizant, relationships from afar.

Group Presentations - host me for workshops and Meditations

Group trainings are possible (in any location) for interested parties (including individuals) as well as Healing Centers, or Organizations who'd like to host events dedicated to Crystal Healing and Energy Work. Of course I do offer group events at my Showroom/Space in Arlington Center but this page is devoted to helping those considering hiring me. I've done Slide Shows, Classes, Workshops, Retreats, and Meditations.

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