pendant (Amethyst, Chevron, multi-tone) wire-wrapped


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Chevron Amethyst is rare, but multi-tone Chevron all the more. Count the colors here: gray, brown/black, white, pink, lavender, purple, bluish...there's a lot going on here...not to mention the fine Sterling wrap work. We actually had it redone like this because the wrap work it came in was inferior. Anyhow, we MAY be open to Offers within reason. Feel free to Message us, as we have most of our stock OFFline, and would be happy to go the extra mile to match you with just the right thing. We specialize in Custom Mail Order! Length: 10cm; Width: 2.4cm; Depth: .6cm Weight: 21.7g Origin: Latin America, Brazil

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Energy Zones

Harmonic (multiple zones), Foundation (below root), Healing (chest)


Lavender, Multi-Colored, Purple