Moldavite pendant (rough) ‘mega teardrop’ (23.7gr)


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Certified authentic by an IGS (International Gem Society) gemologist who had this to say about it: "Clarity Grade Medium Green. Transparent. Collectors Grade, Jewelry/Facet Grade. Tear Geometric Shape - Excellent Specimen - Very clean set in Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Pendant" Bought in 2016 from a Romanian whose geologist father had collected Moldavite his entire career. This was one of his 4 biggest pieces. Stone weight is 23.7 grams, now it's 27.2 with the expert gold-filled wire wrapping. Somewhat of a one-of-a-kind, between the perfect shape, good color, and unique setting. Dimensions (particularly the length) includes setting. Length: 8.5cm; Width: 2cm; Depth: 1.4cm Weight: 27.2g Origin: Europe (Czech Republic)

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