Sugilite (rough large) ‘Gibralter’ (886gr) healing crystal


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Second largest Sugilite I’ve ever had, it stands regally, which is rare (as well as having a good color spread). This type of material is getting harder and harder to find – especially in such a substantial size – pretty unheard of in both South Africa and globally (from older collections). We specialize in Sugilite, which we consider a Vision Energy Zone stone, having to do with Manifestation…bringing your dreams and ambitions into reality. Originally – by its previous owner – it had been sprayed with something we don’t know what, but we’ve used Acetone and other cleaners and brushes to remove it. Length: 19.3cm; Width: 11.9cm; Height: 13.5cm; Depth: 5.1cm Weight: 886g (31.25oz) Origin: Africa, South Africa

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Energy Zones

Vision (3rd Eye), Voice (aka Throat), Source (crown)


Multi-Colored, Pink, Purple, Rainbow


Chunk, Cut-worthy, Display (including Standing) Pieces