Sugilite (small rough) standing overlook (18.37ct) healing crystal


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Clearly has pink highlights, as you’ll see under a light (and as we have it, in the sun). Notice on the right, how it sort of noses out, which is why it’s nichnamed “overlook.”
‘Sugilite Smalls’ is our collection of exquisite little pieces of this rare stone which anyone would appreciate having in their collection, especially as it symbolizes Spiritual Manifestation. In other words, it’s meant to represent and evoke the process of bringing the wished-for, and our Spiritual Mission, into being. It comes from South Africa, was mined out in the 70’s and 80’s, and most of what’s available on the market today is disappointingly impure and low grade. Also, most vendors portray it with poor color reproduction and wet, so it looks its best (and as it might if it were cut and polished). You can see water on Kyle’s hand on the very few pieces shown wet. We like to show you what they look like dry, because that’s the truest test of the stone’s quality. Sugilite is one of our favorite types of stone, and we’re hoping to set a new standard in grading and presentation quality for this extraordinary variety. Feel free to contact us with interest, as much of our merchandise is off line. We can post more pieces depending on your interest. Our prices on this material are not so flexible, because we’ve put a lot of energy into seeking, grading and marking these appropriately, relative to one another. The more a piece is, the more rare and deserving it is of having that price point applied to it. Once you familiarize yourself with our inventory, you’ll understand how we’ve arrived at each unique price. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Oh, and in closing, you’ll notice that we also prefer natural pieces, uncut or polished (unless in or for jewelry), with harmoniously pleasing shapes. Length: 2.3cm Weight: 9.17ct Origin: Africa, South Africa

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Spiritual Manifestation