So now comes Part Three of my Trilogy review - The Alchemy of Stones Experience - all about the heart of the matter: the philosophies expounded by Robert Simmons (that is to say: what I heard of them) and what they all meant to me. It's very intellectual - not so many pictures will support your reading - you should definitely put on your thinking cap!

Part One was setting the scene of what it was like to be there; Part Two was all about the Shop (and Marketing!), also an important part of being there. But the whole raison d'etre for everyone attending was The Message, ultimately. There were several, that could logically be wound into one.

Let's get right to it. There were 4 giant copper pyramids in each corner of the large auditorium - I believe they were 10x10 (around the base) and even 10 feet high (but don't quote me on that). Each represented (the tubes were filled with, and on the floor inside them were featured appropriately chosen stones for) 4 key energies: Healing, Ascension, Love, and Protection.

Closeup of the stones at the base of one of the 4 pyramids.

Closeup of the stones at the base of one of the 4 pyramids.

We later (a few days in) formed into a huge and silent processional - each pouring a quarter of a bottle full of spring water we'd been given - into large glass containers, holding those same key stones inside (though some were encased in sealed jars within, because they're not safe to consume). Elixirs were made - and on the last day, we each got 4 bottles, labeled with the guiding energy principals of each pyramid, and also listing the stones who'd "informed" the waters of their "duty" and their mission (to be invoked and effected, every time we use them).

You see, on the first day, we were asked to turn to our neighbor(s) and confess: "I'm entangled with you." The idea being - as Robert explained (accompanying his recurrent slide-show journey) - that (per various metaphysical researchers): water absorbs the energy of its neighboring molecules. That's the whole theory as to why the soaking of Crystals in water imparts into it - their energies - which it holds, and can then later convey (for an indefinite period of time).

I've never been a fan of elixirs, in theory or in practice - because I feel the actual stones far better convey their energy - than any derivatives can be expected to. But I ran with it. And this was the most convincing explanation I'd witnessed yet (so I was game to run with it).

Most importantly - I would say Simmons' message is, in relationship to all this - that as we experience Enlightenment - we can then go out into the world, and impact it constructively...almost (merely) by osmosis, or proximity. Our inspiration is an example, a model, and sets the stage for global improvement. This would be the Will and highest aspiration of "Sophia" - the force identified and invoked by Robert as "The Soul of the World."

An antique book image of Sophia, the World within a Woman.

An antique book image of Sophia, the World within a Woman.

G8D received no mention, per say, as this was a nondenominational gathering, and that worked for me (even though I embrace Deism). It was said that (and I paraphrase): "the world is alive and intelligent - and through synchronicity - the world is aware of you."

Sure sounds like a wise (and possibly influential) Higher Being cares about what happens to all of us (but that wasn't said). It doesn't really matter, when there's no proselytizing agenda. I appreciated that.

Coincidence was clarified as "co-created incidents." It's generally believe that Matter is dead (ie. not alive), but as Robert said "it's alive when you feel its energy."

Enter the experience (and relevance) of stones. He told the story about how he - unlike his wife  - was dead to the experience of stones...until he was introduced to Moldavite. It's a long story - he's written a book about it - you can read it for the details. It took Robert awhile of really sitting with it - "the only descended gemstone" (that is to say, among the meteorites from space) - to "get it," and to begin allowing in the floodwaters of Mineral Awareness and Sensation.

I met them the next year - in 1987 - which was when Robert in turn, gave me a Moldavite that changed my world - and launched me on this journey of Crystalline Consciousness. But that's another long story. I have a whole webinar devoted to it- you should check it out! This blog ain't about me, just my interpretation of THIS experience.

Event image, from the front of the podium.

Event image, from the front of the podium.

So we got right into using stones - choosing a partner (I was actually in a threesome!) - and we took turns rotating a crystal over the recipient's head while also moving another up and down their spine. When "the work" was done, the "giver" brought the stones together over the person's head, and drew them up and apart, as if signifying the manifestation & magnification of their (the stones & the people's) collective energy (and intention). Someone asked if Robert had come up with this technique himself...he had.

Alchemy - of course - was the main theme of the event, and we were able to learn a lot about it. You can look it up on Wikipedia, or read any one of various books about it (he referenced several, which were right up there on a side table, by the podium).

It involves "The Philosopher's Stone" - the notion of deriving precious metals from base ones - in other words: the sacred from the profane (or mundane).

This reminds me of the value Robert and his company have derived out of his specific set of trademarked stones: the Azestulites (which were otherwise passed over, in the past).

There was talk of the Unification of Opposites - I heard echoes of my existing understanding about the six pointed star - it represents harmony between (you guessed it) "Heaven and Earth" (Robert's company name). I learned about "Calcination" (burning off of the extraneous). A Muslim named Jabir wrote the original "Book of Stones" - and used such convoluted, secretive language - that it's where we got (back in the day) the word "gibberish." Fascinating tid bit.

"As above, so below" was a veritable Mantra. In fact, it was said that repetition of a Mantra creates a feedback loop - a crossroads - between inner intentionality, and the outside world. "In Science, intentionality is not rated, or measured" - I paraphrase, and - "inside of human beings, G8D learns." Substantial Messages and Claims were made, such as"Inside of us is where G8D incarnates."

"If Consciousness grows out of Matter - then the vice versa must be possible - that Matter can grow out of Consciousness."

You'll see plenty of quotes in this blog - they're Robert's, paraphrases - unless I state otherwise...

My picture, with glued on stones, a Photonic Treatment!

My picture, with glued on stones, a Photonic Treatment!

We "work magic to accelerate the process of evolution - we accelerate what we are entangled with - we help to rescue Sophia" . Robert relayed an important dream of his, in which it was revealed that Sophia will not defend herself, that is our job, we are the ones who have to.

If this were a religion - it would not be us, saved by a redeemer - but instead, it is we who redeem our G8D by our own raised consciousness (and good behavior). This is akin - by my interpretation - to the Jewish notion that the Messiah will come only when our merit earns it (in other words, when we've "cleaned up our act" and "done the right thing" all the way around).

Robert said (and again, all my quotes are as close as I could capture the time, I'm not a stenographer): "Stones are the embodiment of Angels - representatives of the Divine - the vibrations we feel from the stones are the words of the Divine, they'll never impose themselves, they'll only come when they're invited." In fact, we invited the help and support of the Stone Beings several times...more on that later.

These are the 6 Pillars of Alchemy (as I transcribed them):

1) Pan-sightism (seeing in all directions, past-present-future...Pan meaning everywhere...and Psychism being of, or having to do with the Soul)

2) Co-Creation with Sophia (meaning it's a dance, something we do all together, not alone...ideally)

3) True Imagination (creates value and meaning, as opposed to mere escapist Fantasy)

4) Transformation through Feedback (the process of learning through experience)

5) Transcendant Function (being in the process of Transforming the Self)

6) Union with the Divine (merging the Microcosm with the Macrocosm)

Sophia was brought up repeatedly, so our understanding of what he meant that to mean was evolving (over the course of the event). He said (something like) "Sophia is not the river, but the flow of the river." In other words (maybe), this means that She - who is not defined as masculine - represents not so much the physicality of the World (and its contents), but the magical interrelation of everything and it's collective, interactive Synergy. I also associate the concept of Sophia being somewhat like the Jewish conception of Shechinah: the indwelling, more personal presence and manifestation of G8D within and amongst us...the warm and friendly presence of The Universal OverSoul.

Another slide image of the Alchemical World.

Another slide image of the Alchemical World.

Interestingly, he said "Sophia sees us through our very own eyes" and "our wisdom is in our heart." Apparently, the heart is our 2nd brain, being composed of 60% neurons (generally associated more with the brain). He noted the phrases "I know it in my heart" and "the Heart is the Seat of the Soul." Blood is full of Iron, and the flow of blood creates an electric field, like a motor.

"While the two sides of your brain battle, the Heart is the Ruler." These are mind expanding concepts, giving us new perspectives on our understandings regarding how things are (and the way they work). Apparently, a fetus' heart starts beating before the brain starts functioning. And it's okay to cry - "the heart speaks through crying" - so Robert welcomed tears as an important expression of Heart.

We did an exercise early on (I can't reproduce it for you here) on Love Emanation - a great way to start (or return to) any Spiritual practice - delivering heartfelt Blessings to Every One and kind of speaks for itself (you can figure it out - how to do it - on your own)...a well-worthy quest!

We also did an Alchemical Meditation - an internal talk with a Being - during which one projects a question, and listens for an answer. There was Sharing after all these exercises - a microphone was passed around, so not everyone spoke - but only those who raised their hands. Essentially, a feedback loop was created within (and for) the group, validating and enriching our experience.

The use of particular stones, as requested - including them in all these processes - also created a personal experience of, and relationship with the rocks you could later buy (and many did just that). I touch on that in my Part Two blog about this experience, so I won't much get into specific stones (mostly because a lot of them didn't resonate for me, personally).

I find most, if not all "jobs" taken on by stones in this type of work, can be effected more thoroughly (if not "better") using what I call The Giants (or my favorites) of the Mineral World (also referenced in that 2nd blog).

What I will tell you about, are 3 exercises we did, using the stones provided.

The diagram, showing where which stones are to go on the Selenite bar wands.

The diagram, showing where which stones are to go on the Selenite bar wands.

One was a "Photonic Treatment" (Robert's term), in which we glued relevant stones to photos of oneself, which we'd brought to the event. This would engender alignment. This treatment could be used - like a voodoo doll - on any photo, to impart wellness and wholeness.

Another exercise was a craft project, in which we glued appropriate stones to Selenite wands, or bars, also to effect a Synergy of Energies.

Lastly, we did a Laying on of Stones with a partner, on the last day...again for common cause.

What I liked (among many things) about The Alchemy of Stones Intensive, was the way in which our individual and collective work together was linked and connected to the Greater Good, and Mission for the Universe (and Humanity, as a whole).

There was a foray into Fractal Geometry - a slide show (and even video) demonstrating that you can always divide things into smaller components (telescoping) - or zoom out to see the same patterns repeating. Examples on the small side include a shell or fern leaf unfurling (or the way our inner lung keeps splitting into smaller branches). This dynamic goes all the way up to the eye of a hurricane, and even the shape of a galaxy. They are all repetitions of Sacred Patterns (yes, we saw images of crop circles).

"It takes millions of repetitions for a pattern to become noticeable." Conversely - and this is the message I take from this (if we apply our learned "Entanglement Theory") - everything begins with a thought, a vision, and small baby steps.

You have to put whatever it is out into the world for it to "take." That can require years, and many failed attempts. Your Crystal has to keep emanating its own unique vibration for the surrounding water to take on its signature .

Robert said (and, as always, my disclaimer: I paraphrase): "Your Being - not necessarily Doing - is the first step towards impacting the World...walk the walk until you believe it's possible. Otherwise, it's hard to make or experience your new reality as being truly real."

He spoke of Chaos Theory - that the memory of pattern propagates throughout the body (going back to Water Theory) - impacting your (and the entire) world through a single drop. This is how illness can grow and endure, and psychological insecurities can stubbornly lodge themselves in your Psyche.

Hitler, like a tumor, was a "Chaotic Attractor" - providing structure for people to gravitate towards. Loose ions and electrons are attracted to magnetic fields.

Slide portraying a fractal looking crop circle.

Slide portraying a fractal looking crop circle.

You, like a Crystal, have to be finely ordered, coherent, and secure in your vibration. That will draw people to you, or repel them if there's no resonance (for them). In any case, it'll let them know where you stand. You'll make it through - personally - when you perpetuate that steady (and healthy) frequency. These are my words, inspired by reviewing of my notes from the Intensive.

Robert talked of "Positive Seedling Propagation," the notion of introducing a positive vibration, even (or especially) to a negative help it shift it towards a better direction.

"Bad seeds have been sown - you have to un-seed them, root them up - and cast them away."

Not to detract, or waylay the message, but that does sound markedly Biblical (when you put it that way). He went on to say: "replace the negative intention with positive intention - the Destructive will fall away in the face of the Constructive - the Great Destroyer will destroy the lesser destroyer."

"Release Chaos, revert to Wholeness, with the intention of dissolving any dysfunctional pattern. Dispel the illusion of the dysfunction...say Aaaah to relieve yourself of it...laughing also helps in letting it go." As an Affirmation, you could say "I release all patterns of dysfunction on all levels of my Being.

I embrace new patterns of higher Coherence and Health, and Wellbeing on all levels of my Being."

"The more you do this, the more your Body will Remember. We have a huge capacity to get things done when we are in Coherence. Our goal is to become conduits for the Universal Sun" (or Source).

Then this, I'm not sure if it's mine or his - things started to merge a bit - but I'm pretty sure it's mine (I just channeled it):

"I don't speak to or have conversations with the stones - my subconscious is automatically in dialog with them. It's like a computer network I'm tapped into. The stone itself is the seedling, imparting its energy to your body, helping to galvanize and magnify every vibration represented."


Slide showing how any shape can be infinitely divisible.

From my notes the next day, Robert reiterated: "Health is a pattern of coherence, of alignment with the Universe and all aspects of the Self. Incoherence is how patterns of dysfunction perpetuate. Disease is a chaotic attractor that gets crystallized as disharmony." He spoke of the Alchemical Directive to "Dissolve and Coagulate," suggesting the prompt: "I dissolve any patterns of disharmony or dysfunction in my Body and Soul."

We want to intend on all levels.

"Put all you've got into it, then surrender. Without Intent, you are vulnerable to whatever pattern is around you. All Co-Creation is a dance with the the World, a collaboration with Harmonious Consciousness (aka Sophia). That's what's needed, to succeed or move forward, in any venture."

We did an exercise related to this, on creating Healing Resonance within.

In one of our big group Meditations - in this situation, Meditation meant a journey or exploration - the task was to go within and meet a Being, and asking "please introduce me to Sophia." It was a powerful exercise, and many had meaningful experiences. I found there - as at my own events - that the audience itself is a huge asset. The host may be a gifted facilitator - but you, as the attendee - bring value and enthusiasm (one hopes).

In my case, the following Question & Answer flowed: "What is my Destiny? Your Destiny is your Way. It will lead you there, for sure. The route will not feel foreign to you. Y'shar, Y'shar" .

Just as remarkable new stories were generated from these Meditations, so too is it important to contemplate (as I did) my own life-changing Dreams and Visions. I have no shortage of them. They've included recurrent dreams about my birth experience; a Jacob's Ladder type situation (with "angels" coming up and down stairs to the sky, in the desert); the spooky touch of an alien child; and that ghost I actually saw when I was five. Some of these were echoed later in life, through altered states, and the big shift that happened when Robert gave me that Moldavite piece (back in 1987). All of these have propagated in some way, from then until now, and impacted who I am profoundly.

Actual body layout on me, with all the little bags containing Robert's various Power Stones.

Actual body layout on me, with all the little bags containing Robert's various Power Stones.

Another exercise we did - which I thought was quite meaningful - involved taking an inventory of all your worst qualities (things you don't like about yourself)...and embracing them...speaking inwardly "I am so grateful for..." (whatever it is).

"We waste a lot of energy keeping a part of us at bay. When you rejoin that part to yourself, you can be Whole. When you heal yourself - especially if what you're healing is resonating back through the generations - you can heal both the past and the future."

"If we deny the Shadow, we're incomplete, and we'll be in Unconscious Bondage. When the opposites come together - there is Transcendence - we can come together in a higher, fulfilled manifestation."

A recurrent image and metaphor of the Intensive, which didn't resonate for me, was the Oraborus - the snake eating its tail - both consuming and nourishing itself...slaying and giving itself life at the same time...acknowledging and embracing its shadow side.  I was able to get plenty of value from all the other teaching, without need for this prop. But it is omnipresent in the Alchemical literature (for what it's worth).

A third exercise we did, was to "invite any and all beings seeking Forgiveness, to come through the gate of my Heart, to be forgiven one by one." These can be people, body parts, experiences - you name it. There was a time limit, as the gate was open for the here and now. Of course, you can come back and do this on your own, but for the purposes of that experience, Robert said (towards the end of the exercise) "the Gate is closing" (which reminds me of the Jewish High Holidays, in which the Book of Life is opened on Rosh Hashanah, and closed at sunset on the 2nd day of Yom Kippur). Unless I'm mistaken, Robert Simmons is (or was) Jewish...I certainly am...but that's neither here nor there (is it?). A lot of these concepts and themes pervade every Religious tradition, and could probably be represented as emanating from them equally.

A couple of others' journeys bear repetition here. One guy saw hordes of unknown people approaching the gate, and Sophia said "Forgiveness is not scarce, many many can pass through, Forgiveness is as infinite as Love." One lady didn't have time to heal all those who appeared, so a great pink sea of Forgiveness flowed out to embrace all, and was calm.

Robert said "Forgiveness is giving yourself forward - with Trust - I give myself to whatever is to come."

My notes, with concept of a throne in an octahedron, my prefered method of experiencing pyramids.

My notes, with concept of a throne in an octahedron, my prefered method of experiencing pyramids.

There was talk and mention of the Azeztulites, and other stones of Robert's preference, but in this Part Three of my blog about my experience, I'm not focusing on that aspect. I've already said plenty about his Crystals. This piece is really focused on the Message. I will say that Robert believes that Lemuria is not just an ancient civilization, it's a sacred space 100 feet over us, waiting for us to be ready for its reality. "As above, so below."

Robert spoke of the need to Romanticize the World to make it Meaningful again...the importance of:

  • going from seeing the Ordinary to seeing the Extraordinary (even in the ordinary)
  • going from the Familiar to the Unfamiliar (feeling comfortable with the Unknown)
  • making the Mundane Sacred
  • recognizing the Infinite in the Finite

Basically, "in the Dark Night of the Soul, we are protected from the Brilliance - which might be too much to behold - till we are ready for it, or can see the darkness as the light itself." Heady words, to be sure, but it helps one grasp how we could take "the journey to the Great Central Sun" at the core of our Inner Being.

Or then, what it would be like to (as we were asked to do): take a meditative journey to meet the Azez (Robert's conception of the overlord, enlightened spirit beings)..

"Travel into the Imaginal Realm to meet them. Visualize yourself at a high place...a corridor of light appears...step into the corridor. See geometric patterns, pulses of light increasing your vibration. Approach a hexagonal door. Observe what it's like in there. Acknowledge: I'm here to meet the Azez. Ask if they are there or where they are. When found, ask them for Assistance or with Activation."

Here's what I got (it's direct quote from within, or from somewhere out there) came out as automatic writing:

"We are emissaries of the Outside World, co-creating the next Reality with you, based on your having called us and our having chosen you. We activated the Light when there was none - together - even in the Darkest Places. Brightness has to begin somewhere. We are not the same - and neither are you - but our mission cannot be achieved without you, and yours cannot be, without us. We are your eyes - we are your ears - every one of your senses."


Swirling Galaxy - a macrocosmic expression of the fractal building blocks - of everything!

That's a ton to Meditate on, in itself. Indeed the entire event gave me so much to think about - fully 25 pages of notes' worth - that it's taken me a couple of months to be able to have the time to go through all those notes, highlight what I wanted to share, and now forge out this Blog from all that.

We were told a joke (there were several amusing ones throughout the days we spent together) about a skeleton who has a beer which falls right through him at a bar - I'm missing the plot and the punchline - but the take home message was: "if you treasure what's happened here, don't dissipate it."

"Tell a wise person about what happened, but otherwise, keep silent."

Because you see, on the last day, someone lamented to Robert grudgingly, that now they'd have to go back to "the real world." He said no, "we've entered the Real World here, we're not going back to the real world out there. Hold this Real World hermetically sealed inside you, so that the energy gets stronger through self-circulation."

Wise words from a wise man. Thanks to you, Robert, and all who attended (and supported). I've been truly enriched by this wash of experience and information, insight and direction.

I'm not afraid of who and how this will be read - it's clearly meant for those who are meant for it - and by capturing it and interpreting it here, I hope to make the many messages comprehensible to more people (and maybe even to some who were there, and could use my additional perspective).



Left to Right: Robert Simmons, Kyle Russell (me), and Kathy Warner (Bob's wife and business partner).

Left to Right: Robert Simmons, Kyle Russell (me), and Kathy Warner (Bob's wife and business partner).


Kyle Russell was turned onto crystalline energies when given a Moldavite by Robert Simmons, back in 1987. It took nearly 30 years for them to meet again, interestingly in the context of Robert's Alchemy of Stones Intensive (held over 4 days in June of 2016). While the two don't share an identical understanding about how to work with which stones, there are nevertheless numerous commonalities in worldview, enhanced by having shared this latest Intensive experience (too). Over the years, Kyle has honed his own considerable "download" of information about Crystals into the Crystal Concentrics paradigm, or Language of Crystals, leading Workshops, Meditations, and soon now a Conference of his own. Email for more information on all the above.

To the right, you'll see a photo of Kyle with the same couple he'd met all those years ago in their shop - only now - at the impressive Intensive they created for us this year. I couldn't put out a tome on the Message (as I see it) of the event, without including a picture of those who made it happen. A video was made of the event, which I imagine will be coming out in the relatively near future, but between all the books written and their website, you should be able to learn directly from them their Message and Philosophies (in their/his own words).