You can tell a lot about an event from what people say – in their own words – about their experience.

It also really helps prospective attendees to understand what makes this type of event special, as they consider participating.

We got a lot of great feedback – so much so, that we’re able to split it up by topic – here it is for you!

Highlights: what stood out? What were some takeaways for you?

What stood out for me was that it was a peaceful, positive gathering focused upon wellness of mind and body beautiful crystals and nutritious food carefully selected by the instructors enhanced it all.

For me, it was the energy. It was very organized and flowed well. Great subject matter.

Community: the attendees seemed to easily gel into a supportive and cohesive group.

The overall positive environment and energy of healing and unity.

I appreciated working with large crystals.

It’s hard to pick out one specific thing, everything blended together so well. It was a very well-rounded experience.

What stood out to me is being able to spend an amazing day with some incredible people.

How perfectly well-rounded and holistically cared for I felt all day. It was so well organized and chock full of varied experiences that fed and supported me body, mind and heart.

Yoga mats laid out, with private Crystal Session ‘bed’ at the end.

How about the Venue, and Flow of the event?

It was beautiful. Parking was easy on the Sunday and it was super easy to find. Love the location of the spot too, being in the center of Arlington.

I felt like the energy flowed nicely through the space – everything was spacious – the sunlight was coming in and just the whole atmosphere was wonderful.

The transformation from yoga to group seating to labyrinth and back again was seamless and smooth to the participant! The space was used so perfectly to its size to accommodate all of us.

Great place. I thought you made very good use of the space. Impressive to have the different events going on in that size space.

It was clear that you all put a lot of time into organizing the day and thinking about what events should happen when. The day had a nice flow to it and each piece of the day complemented the next.

Right spacing of time, things easily flowed / timing was good. Time seemed to stretch or contract as needed.

I think the seating was always comfortable, and I know there were chairs for those who preferred them which seemed thoughtful.

I enjoyed the fact that there were events together, but also time to be alone with your own thoughts.

The structured activities and the structured free time allowed me to continue to be present and not worry about what was coming next. I was able to absorb each experience without feeling rushed into the next. Having participants do things on their own time was very helpful and unique.

Nina addresses the group, prior to starting our Yoga session.

Some thoughts on how the team worked together:

To Nina and Kyle, I felt that your caring attitude towards all of us carried the day. It was evident that you have a lot of respect for each other.

Very thorough and Bill was a great help for questions.

Part of what’s great about these Gatherings, is that they include some private time with our exceptional professionals here’s some of what they said about each:

How was your Mini-Session with Kyle Russell (the primary presenter and host)?

I really liked this bite-sized session.

I had a couple of stressful months and it was just relaxing to lay there with the stones surrounding me just to relax and just get back in one with myself thank you Kyle.


Kyle knew what would be helpful for my session in just a few moments. He is a highly intuitive healer and I appreciated my time with him.

Great. Very meaningful to me.

Very powerful session. Feel like I’m still communicating with Rhodochrosite.

I have to say, I have noticed what seems to be some lasting positive effect from this.

Can you tell us about your Wellness consult with Nina?

Excellent session. Sometimes nutritional consults can be overwhelming. Just enough time for one take away which I have used often this past week.

Very good.

Had a great conversation and learned a few things.

Great. I liked the caring attitude and the suggestions on what I should do.

Yes! Learned to be more mindful about my eating. She gave me good suggestions that I can really use. Nina was speaking to me as an individual and has great and respectful listening skills.

And the Sound Healing with Linda?

Loved it!

I was intrigued with this. Very interesting and she was very knowledgeable.

Great session. Would like to learn more about sound healing. Appreciated Linda’s participation through out the day.

This was great! Linda was able to tune into some specific things that were going on for me, it was a unique and pleasantly surprising experience.

Nina, with the fruit & green smoothie offerings.

How’d you feel about the natural foods that were served:

Amazing! It was nutritional and educational 🙂 I felt full and energized, and really good after breakfast and the snack.


Tried some new things, was very good.

Loved having healthful food served to us for breakfast, and even an unexpected snack. The oatmeal was the best I’ve ever had. Some of the tastes were different for me, but I liked it all and felt I was giving myself new and good energy.

Loved the snack foods, so nice to have it available. All good!

This was so wonderful. It was especially wonderful to be able to eat the food that Nina talks about on our calls! The oatmeal is now part of my morning routine. Having food that was healthy and nourishing was a perfect way to keep our body, minds and hearts in a positive vibration for the day.

Excellent food

We started the day with gentle Yoga, how was that for you?

It was excellent! Personally, it was a great combo for me. Not too challenging, but not like doing a marathon. Meditation mindfulness part was wonderful.

Doing Yoga set a relaxing tone for the day.

The yoga was great! I did a little sun salutation, but thats not accessible for everyone. I think allowing people to do their own thing at the end was helpful and inclusive.

The yoga was good. Nina was great with the modifications as I have gravel in my knees and can’t put weight on them.

Morning yoga was lovely. I thought it was a just right level accessible to all. Lying down was great.

During the afternoon, attendees cycled through a series of what we called Spirit Stations – including the individual sessions mentioned above – here are their comments about some of the other activities during this particular gathering.

How was your Chair Massage?

That was a real treat. She asked great questions to start, getting to know us a bit and her massage felt wonderful.

Nice massage.

AMAZING! I think she moved things around in me that hadn’t been moved in a while.

Some of you took advantage of the opportunity to swap healing work with a peer. Can you tell us a bit about how that was for you?

This was really cool. It was done with trust and faith in the other person and in our own intuitions. I hadn’t done anything like this before.

This was fun! It was really nice to access our own “inner healer” and help someone else. I found strengths in myself I didn’t realize I had, which is fun and keeping me motivated to keep practicing.

specially created Crystal Concentrics journaling notebook, given out to attendees

It was important to us that everyone have some Private Time for Journaling & Reflection. Did you think that was a good idea?

This was nice. It was really helpful to have time to step back and reflect on the experiences and channel some messages.

Really nice to have that. All the stones, everything that we learned, great to have moments to integrate it all.

Its a great idea to encourage journaling at this event by giving people the option. I didn’t feel pressure to sit and journal for X amount of minutes.

Now, if you could stretch out and write us a longer Testimonial – something to give potential attendees even more of a window into what was special about it – what would you say?

It was a treat to attend the Crystal Wisdom and Wellness Gathering. As with all true wellness events it nourished body, mind and soul. A well guided group experience that allowed for individual attention and personal development.

The Crystal Wisdom and Wellness gathering with Kyle and Nina was a one day vacation for mind and body. From the moment that I stepped in I knew that I was in for a wonderful day. The atmosphere was gentle and also stimulating as there was much to learn and experience. When I think back upon that day I have an automatic relaxation response, I just smile. I highly recommend this experience!

The Crystal Wisdom & Wellness Gathering was a unique, nourishing experience. With the expertise of the facilitators, multiple modalities were integrated into the day, with the primary focus on the supportive, healing energies of crystals. I learned a lot about Crystal Concentrics’ views on the human body’s energy system and what crystals support it. In meditation and one-on-one work, I experienced the crystals and how their energy resonated with mine. And, the crystals that Kyle uses aren’t the ordinary crystals — these are top-notch museum quality specimens, that are so loved and cared for by him. In addition, we were treated to beautiful healing sound, whole foods, yoga and labyrinth meditation. It was a gathering that fed my body, mind and spirit!

Kyle Russell reviewing the learning of the day, with a chakric spiral of power stones

The Crystal Wisdom and Wellness Gathering was such a truly wonderful event. Being in the presence of such talented people and experiencing their gifts- whether they be of sound healing, crystal wisdom, massage, or wellness coaching- was honestly very special. What I appreciated about this event in particular was that people came from different backgrounds, with different levels of experience with crystals and other healing modalities (some professional, and some completely new). We learned not only from those who ran the sessions and meditations, but from each other as well. This event provided the opportunity to learn about and also experience the healing properties of crystals through Kyle’s meditations, talks and individual sessions. Nina helped us build our connection with our bodies by teaching a gentle yoga session, providing delicious and healthy food, and meeting with us individually to discuss any health questions we had. Linda provided beautiful sound healing, which I had not experienced much of before and was so glad to have the opportunity to that day- I could physically feel my body reacting to her work. Diane offered chair massages to each attendee, and it was a perfect way to integrate wellness and body awareness. What I appreciated even more after the event than during it was that although we did some activities as a group and some individually, every person had their own unique experience and “wisdom” to take with them at the end. We all came from different places in our lives and different belief systems, and how we internalized the energy (be it food or healing work) and information was different and personal for each of us. We all found our own personal truths, found ways to individualize new information, and experienced our own awareness/healing. At the same time, however, each of us ended up acknowledging what an amazing group we had and how we all came together to shape that day. On top of all of this, Kyle brought a particularly stunning group of stones to be sold at the event, and I purchased a really amazing shungite sphere (which I’ve never come across before). His crystal collection is vast, and yet each one is so special and he can tell you about every one of them. This is an event that I will gladly return to any time it is offered, and am grateful to have come upon it!

And a couple of comments about the cost-to-value ratio of the event:

I loved it. Totally worth the $$.

It would have been a perfectly good value at the regular price.