I got a great message from a prospective attendee: “could you tell more about the event and how it is structured?”

Let me clarify – what I mean by an Open Meditation – is that it’s open to the general public (unlike my private, Inner Circle Meditations). For those familiar with Meditation in general – there are many types (of course) – and Crystal Meditation is its own type, created by me. I’m sure there are plenty of other Crystal Meditations, but this is a dive into an actual one, the Case Study I refer to in my Blog title.

To answer this woman’s question, I looked back on the event page, and found that I could have been more descriptive. So I edited it as you’ll read here – summarized and paraphrased – without the price or signup link. You can write me, or look up my current events for upcoming details. What I’m doing here is exploring the overall concept, rather than trying to pitch a particular event.

Crystal Meditation Wednesdays are an affordable way to return to center, while learning, and being in community with like minded seekers. Happening every month or two, they run half as long as a workshop – just over an hour – and can be less than half the cost. It’s also early enough to fit right in to your busy schedule.

Our host is Kyle Russell – working with Crystals since 1987 – who’ll be exploring a theme or topic for each Meditation. Alternatively, he may choose to check in with each attendee, and based on who (and “where”) they are in their lives, he’ll choose out stones specifically suitable for them individually, or for the group as a whole.

Together, we do what’s so hard to make happen in our own lives: we focus, go deep, and pursue our own personal and collective Spiritual Development.

Practically, what happens is that we (most of us) sit on the floor, in a circle, using backjacks (or Kyle prefers a meditation cushion, to sit more straight up). After introductions, we go into a “dry run” – Meditating without a stone – to “get in touch with our Biology.” We explore how we’re feeling, where we’re at: centering and grounding into our own physical experience.

Kyle’s not a proponent of long periods of silence, a common aspect of many Meditations. They certainly have their place (and shorter periods of quiet do happen) – but our goal here is to take advantage of Kyle’s experience – he’s quite skilled as a leader of Guided Meditations.

After the first Meditation (there can be several) – we’re likely to Share – and then we move on to the 2nd Meditation, this time using stones. If a single Crystal is not being focused on, you’ll be given 2 stones (one for each hand), and we do what Kyle calls a “Harmonic Meditation.” This is the evocation of two different energies (one from each) simultaneously – or you can consider everybody’s stones “talking” synergistically – allowing us to benefit from those we’re holding, as well as those which others have (and those which are serving the collective, in the central layout, or “constellation“).

There is always a final Share, and then we “come out” – opening our eyes – and prepare to reintegrate into the outside world. Folks love it. Testimonials for all of Kyle’s Services can be found here: http://crystalconcentrics.com/about/testimonials/

Located in the Crystal Concentrics‘ wellness center and showroom – aka the Mystic Wellness Space – we use world class Power Stones, a large variety of which are also For Sale.

There is limited seating – refunds are not possible, in case you can’t make it – and we ask that folks be on time and have dinner beforehand, so we can all make the best of our Sacred Time together.

I’ve included that last paragraph here, because I wanted to explain a couple of things. First of all, as you can imagine, I work hard to promote these events. It’s challenging (if not impossible) to get back on that bandwagon last minute – to fill empty spots – which is why I let people know they’ll be ceding their registration fee if their plans change. I seek out people who really want to be there – take the necessary steps to make it happen – and if they can’t be present, at least they’ve agreed to cover the cost of their spot. 

I also think it’s important to show up on schedule, so it’s not disruptive to everyone else’s process, given the limited time we have together. And by all means, please eat before showing up. These are all basic self-care prerequisites I expect of my attendees – it makes it easier for them to be present – and demonstrates their commitment. It’s hard to meet your higher needs if you’re struggling trying to take care of your “lower” needs.

Now I’d like to get more specific, and tell you about an actual Open Crystal Meditation I hosted recently – using a real-life chronology – though I need you to know that every event I do is unique and a variation on several themes.

our central layout, or “constellation” – with paired stone used by each attendee – all brought together for a parting photograph

I don’t always have a starting “center piece” – I could just as easily have left the space in the middle empty – but this time, I selected a large cubic Jet, to symbolize (and evoke) internal clearing. Jet is an unusual petrification of wood. It’s not replaced by Quartz, so it’s quite light for its volume.

On top, and around it, I put 5 natural Apophyllite generator points. They invoke Astral energies, and allow us to go higher. Given all that’s been going on in our country lately, it seemed appropriate to wipe the slate clean, and rise above.

You’ll notice – at the top of the photo – a part of a brass bowl. I use 3, of varying sizes (small, medium, and large), when I’m not accompanied by sound resonance pro Linda Davis. Individually, or in succession, they punctuate the Meditation. I believe sound to be the quickest way to coalesce whatever may have just been discussed. It closes off whatever came before. And it clears the way for what’s to come next. I encourage folks to request it (hearing the bell) before Sharing, if they need more time to stew in their process, or simply to clear their head before speaking.

part of an old performance poster (of my band)

For framing (in the picture), I also allow more of the green cloth I always put stones on, to show at the bottom. It’s not patterned – a straight cotton table covering – and seems to showcase everything well.

From my Reggae days, I still love Red, Gold, and Green…they’re essential colors. Red is a vital, like blood; Gold is the color of the Sun; and Green is the color of vegetation, the earthly gardens around us. Each has been given different symbolism by others – but for these purposes, this is how I read them – and green is my favorite base to work on.

Of course there are other colors missing: black, white, blue, purple…but the stones bring in the full spectrum.

On to the rocks! But before I explain each of the additional stones we worked with, I want to tell you that we had two quick rounds of Sharing before bringing any Crystals into the picture. At first I asked: “what is it about Meditation that sets it apart from other types of experience, and what do you get out of it, personally?” For most, it’s a refuge, a break…calming. One felt like it took them back to a time when they were more Spiritually inclined than they are now. Another felt destabilized: like it took them to their True Self, but by letting go of the familiar grounding aspects of day to day reality (with your eyes open), the internal world feels like it’s spinning (which can be scary). Meditation can be Grounding, or it can Call for Grounding.

Next, I asked: “what’s missing – what element are you seeking, or grappling with right now – that’s in need of support? What energy would you like to come in from outside, to give you a boost on your journey?” Each person answered when they were ready, and let us know when they were done. Sometimes I go clockwise – other times counterclockwise – or I invite people to speak semi-randomly (but symmetrically).

At this point, everyone’s eyes stay closed. I believe it’s an easier path to the subconscious. Actually – and I harp on the significance of this often – I’m a big fan of the “Third State” of Consciousness (as I call it). It’s neither sleeping nor fully ensconced in the waking world (with eyes open, etc.). I think it allows us the best of both worlds, from a third, and “better” vantage point. We can access the Subconscious, but are not “lost” to it, as we are in sleep. Our Journeying is more like lucid dreaming, where we’re free to fly, but also remain in control. We retain all the faculties of our conscious mind, without the distractions of visual and social cues (or obligations, real and perceived).

Fortunately, among the self selected group of people who attend my events, nobody talks too long or too loud, or disrespectfully. Everyone understands that part of the benefit of this process is that we each get to take up our space, learn from and be enriched by hearing others’ process – and by having our own Best Selves embraced – we let go of any need to overshadow or impinge upon others’ experience. It’s a very healthy way of being together!

three matching Blue Fluorites

Pair #1 (given to one attendee): Pyrite & a blue Fluorite octahedron. At issue was a need for Grounding – but from the perspective of taking up one’s space (my ascription) – Pyrite does it like nothing else. This was coupled with a desire to integrate internal and external, Spiritual and Material worlds – symbolized perfectly by the “religious symbol” (my ascription, again) – and that is the octahedron. Emerging & submerging pyramids are akin to the Christian equilateral cross and the Jewish Star of David. The idea is to balance opposites, as do the Yin and Yang.

I tend to gravitate towards green Fluorite, but I believe there are “blue” and “green” people. That is to say…some prefer one over the other. This octahedron (the one in the upper right of this photo) is “chopped off” (or naturally cleaved) at the bottom. And the large spherical Pyrite has cubic clustering growing out of it.

Who would begrudge these stones their shape, saying they should be and look different than they do? Yet we judge ourselves harshly all the time, lamenting that we don’t match some societal standard of what, who, or how we should be. The missing bottom point of the blue Fluorite octahedron allows it to stand, unlike other octahedrons (that fall over). And the cubic part of the Pyrite allows it to represent both types of crystallization. Just cause they’re different, doesn’t make them worse. We should remember – and apply that – for ourselves.

large natural Citrine – perfect color – with 3 polished sides & 3 natural sides

Pair #2: natural Citrine and Ventifact. Sometimes we allow ourselves to put others’ needs and expectations above our own. We wall ourselves into a box, hiding our own light, even from ourselves. Citrine is the Positive Ego, our own best self, free of these encumbrances. By working with it, we suspend those bad habits of self-denial, and open up to the possibilities of being who we really are, unfettered by the limitations we often impose on ourselves (and others!).

Citrine one of the key stones of the Solar Plexus, as is Pyrite, and together with the other stones of any Chakra – they complement one another – enabling us to pick apart the complex nature of our primary Energy Zones. Recognizing, appreciating, and magnifying the various qualities that each Power Stones represent, is instrumental to the mechanics of Crystal Healing.

To complement the message of the Citrine, I chose a Ventifact – a windswept, double terminated, 3-sided Basalt shard – that I call “the black torch.” It clears away obstacles, and lights the way forward. I often draw for it, because of its unique role in the “Black Stone Family.” I could also call this new Energy Zone, or complex: the Black Power Stones.

As the Citrine works to tap into and generate our own internal light, the Ventifact works to facilitate its flow out into the world.

three Girasol, or Foggy Quartz, spheres

Pair #3: Girasol (or Foggy) Quartz and Celestite. I often give Celestite a lot of play. It’s the Gratitude Stone – bringer of Heavenly Gifts, things you get just ’cause you get them, through no deserving – but simply by Grace. I also call it the Good Luck (or Good Fortune) stone. And in this case, it was supporting the Girasol, or Foggy Quartz, pictured in the “constellation,” or layout above (different from the spheres pictured here, to the right).

Girasol (or Foggy, as I call it) Quartz is neither Clear, nor is it Rose Quartz. It can be transparent, but most often, is hard to see all the way through. I call it the Trust or even the Faith stone.

I’ve come up with these nicknames – just as some other Crystal experts have named stones – I just haven’t trademarked them as such (if that’s even possible, or desireable).

Girasol (or Foggy, as I call it) Quartz represents The Unknown, and the Unknowable. To coexist with it is to accept uncertainty, to be okay with a future unrevealed. Our attendee (who was working with these 2 stones) believes in good outcomes – on the grander scale of life – but sometimes needs to be reminded things are going to be okay on the small scale, as daily challenges or uncertainties show up.

The image I came up with – as I often channel images to illustrate people’s experience (or ground it in a tableau) – was a piece of paper pinned to a heavy cutting board. The piece of paper was our daily moment, the cutting board was its larger context. For me – and ultimately, for them – the idea was to combine these energies of Faith and Good Fortune, to be felt more continuously (and reassuringly) throughout one’s day.

flare point’ Rose Quartz crystallized (and tabular) cluster (just 2.5″ long)

Pair #4: Nephrite Jade and crystallized Rose Quartz. Another stone I advocate strongly for, is Nephrite (the green) Jade, which I “plug in” to the Heart Chakra. It is Gaia, the great Earth Mother – a bit like the blanket of greenery that’s (supposed to be) covering our planet. It’s an emotional soother, interestingly having the waxy texture approximating that of human skin (for a stone). It’s reassuring, and I’ve had several occasions to refer to it as the basin that holds the pond, or ocean.

Emotional Foundation. It comes from outside to make everything better. And for this attendee, it was reminiscent of the past, a time where access to (and residence in) the Subconscious and Deeper Self came more easily. Jade furnishes a sort of grounding into one’s Heart – differently from just plain Grounding – which can be achieved through other stones (like Ruby, or in a different way: Hematite and Carnelian).

The pink stone featured in this nearest photograph, was supposed to be a Kunzite, which I couldn’t find in the moment. I have a photographic kinesthetic memory – I know where I keep hundreds of stones are – but sometimes they’re just not there! Some would argue that they are “hiding,” and “don’t want” to be part of the Meditation at this time. For all intents and purposes – that might as well be so – even though I resist anthropomorphizing rocks (making them “he” or “she” pets that have feelings and preferences)…but that’s a topic for another Blog.

Both stones – the Kunzite and the Crystallized Rose Quartz – are connected to A Higher Love. Other words for this are Love of Spirit, Altruistic Love, Embrace of G8D. These things can be invoked, happen, or be accessible – from, and on top of – the Safety created by the presence of Jade.

So in the attendee’s world – holding both the Jade and the Rose Quartz Crystal entrained the person both into the presence and security of that deeper Soul of the World (and their own Self, in the process) – as well as linking that experience with the Higher Love needed to strive for Connection with Other (a prerequisite even for true Romantic Love).

Heady stuff, I know, but that’s what this is all about. We engage three Gateways to the Soul: Sight, Touch, and Imagination. By sharing with you how this works – specifically, in just one Open Meditation – I hope you can extrapolate the possibilities we explore in other Gatherings…they’re limitless, really…and very much shaped by the feedback loop of who’s present, and what they bring to the table.




As stated above, Kyle Russell has been working with Crystals since 1987. It’s been 30 years – many of which were spent on other business ventures – and included raising a family. Love of Stones has been a constant – buying & selling, as well as working with people – started immediately. In the last 5 years, he’s begun teaching and fine tuning what he knows, and how he’s sharing it with the world. Writing more is a key goal for him, so that he can leave a legacy of this work for others (when he’s “gone”). The learning is continuous, and his business (and instructional) approach is evolving. I hope this has been an interesting read for you, there’s a lot more where it’s coming from!