This Summer, I was reviewing my Meditation offerings in preparation for the Fall.

So far, I’d been doing Crystal Theme Meditations and Crystal Healing Meditations. Each deserves its own Blog, so I won’t get into them here. But a new concept came to me, it has to do with Integration.

What is Integration, and how does it relate to Intention?

Basically, the idea is that Integration is a bit like inhaling, assimilating what the world has to offer. The stone which most easily represents this is clear, natural (and my favorite, water-worn) Topaz, which I feature in my video below. I call Topaz ‘the Body Whisperer‘ because of it’s capacity to help us tune in to our internal reality, on a physical and emotional level.

Intention is more like exhaling, giving back to, or interacting / acting on the World. For that, a clear Quartz is the best representative. As a Channel stone (from my 10-zone Crystal Concentrics paradigm), Quartz has to do with clarity and focus, which is how we hone and execute our Will on the planet (or in this lifetime).

Watch my YouTube video on the topic, since I can include videos now in my Blogs (now, for the very first time!):

But I didn’t think people would immediately understand – or relate to – the concept of a Crystal Integration Meditation (as important as I think it is). So I thought I’d focus on the Intention part – at least in the name / title of the offering – to make it more accessible to folks. Everyone knows about Intention – what you want to make happen in the world – and we could all use a little more fine tuning in that area.

It so happens that we are probably less versed in Integrating our experiences than we are simply living them.

We operate in a world where action is more experienced or revered than reflection. I believe when we go about our day-to-day business, more often than not, our Soul is left behind, struggling to catch up…trying to make sense of what’s just happened…and longing to reintegrate our various parts, which may have gone “out of phase” in the course of being embroiled in the hullabaloo of our busy modern lives.

Phase (mentioned above) is another concept I’m exploring a lot lately. Many parts of ourselves can get dislocated – falling out of phase – and our goal is to reintegrate them. The alternative, and consequence of not doing so – I believe – is illness and unhappiness.

Most people go their entire lives without questioning the two-dimensionality of everything that happens to them. They don’t live with an understanding of The Watcher above – or the Inner Self – which may have completely different needs than Society expects or demands of us.

So I wanted to create a Meditative experience, where you could go within, and also reach out for Higher Guidance.

My imagination (or projection) was that in doing so, we’d quickly be awash in people’s New Year’s Resolutions, things they wanted to do and achieve from their to-do (or bucket) list. Perhaps it was a function of who was in attendance, but what that’s not actually what happened. I was pleasantly surprised by how wrong I was.

Let me begin by setting the stage.

Six Meditators join me, all of whom have worked with me before: some recently…some regularly…but all at some point.

We sit around in a circle – some in chairs – others in back jacks on the floor. I’m always on my raised cushion, with legs folded in Lotus position. I honestly believe that’s the best position for Meditation (but I understand many people prefer simply to sit in a chair, it being easier on their back).

I have a round frame drum, 3 brass bowls, a few feather ritual objects, and my ‘equilibrium sticks‘ (which I use as rattles or to create sacred space). All these tools come into play at different times, to punctuate our experience. I believe it takes us out of our mind, gives our busy mind a break, and clears the slate for fresh insights.

In the middle of our gathering – we have what I call the ‘Central Constellation’ – I have a large ‘prase’ green colored Elestial Cathedral (also sometimes called Stellar Beam) Calcite from the Sweetwater Mine in Missouri. It’s perched vertically on a large black velvet pillow. Directly around it, I had 6 tumbled Hematites, a bit larger than ‘the usual’ (that you’d find for sale in an average rock shop). Later, after I took this photo (which I took – for the first time – before the Meditation began), I added slightly larger, all natural Ruby Crystals (tapered at the base…they’re round/polished on the top…to show of some ‘star’ flash).

You’ll see pix of all these Crystals below.

Then there were 6 top quality (and sizeable, 4-6″) Lemurian Quartzes – interspersed with 6 Prasiolites – which are green Amethyst (in this case from Tanzania, in Africa).

I always begin with a body Meditation – no stones – just we, ourselves, and I’s. We focus on breathing, doing a spatial inventory, roaming our consciousness throughout our body parts – inviting every cell ‘to join us at the table’ – creating a holistic sense of the connected Self. People begin to share at this point – one word describing where they’re at, or would like to be – and I echo (repeat) that word for emphasis.

textured large palm piece of Hematite

We then take up – each of us – a Hematite in one hand and a Ruby in the other, playing with which hand each feels best in.

This idea – the introduction of stones – is to tap into (and feel connected to) something more eternal, more stable and steady than we are, with perhaps millions of years of history. Our goal is to ground deeper into ourselves – and yet also in an expansive sense – to become aware of those to our left and right, in the circle…the seats and floor and cushions beneath us, the walls and whole building…going all the way out to include the planet and outer Space.

Hematite is metallic – a natural conductor – which is why metals are used in all electronics. But as such, and because it’s internal makeup is uniform, it’s also a connector to the Universal. Ruby is a stone’s stone – very rocky, and red – an ultimately grounding Root stone.

Sweet selection of Ruby ‘points’ – with one end (each) polished – to try to reveal the ‘star’ (barely visible on these). Good quality Rubies have 3 intersecting lines, brought on best by a single light source.

I wanted to get people good and centered, which in large part is what I would call the Integration process. You don’t want people ‘going somewhere’ without having a foundation, someplace they’re coming from. And without proper grounding, it’s very easy to become imbalanced, and disembodied in all the wrong ways.

Another benefit to getting to this deeper place, is that people are then able to focus on what really matters, not just what’s top of mind. Your daily to-do list is not what we’re working on here, it’s the underlying Spirit Work that needs to be done more. Not that the other stuff isn’t important – it is – but you can (and do) deal with that the rest of your waking hours. Why not take a break and take a whole new approach to the condition of your Life.

Sacred Time in Meditation is just that – it’s set aside from normal daytime activities – specifically to allow you to look at the bigger picture. On one level, that’s Integration. On a different level, or thereafter, it becomes possible to start focusing on the Intention piece.

In a Crystal Healing Meditation, I would pick out specific stones relevant to your personal situation, pursuant to what you’re struggling with, what you need support on.

In our Crystal Theme Meditation (now called the Crystal Experience Meditation), I’ve choose 2 stones to work with for the evening. It’s educational, and as you’ll see from a future blog, quite interesting in its own right. It involves learning

But in the Crystal Intention Meditation – while I promised originally to work with 1 stone or constellation – it morphed into this sophisticated layout (just earlier this week) because of my audience (not beginners). I wanted to knock their socks off. One attendee reported to me afterwards that before she even sat down – just by entering the space – she could feel the vibration on a whole different level. Another, whose second time this was, said “that was really amazing” (as if it was better than before) but I explained: “it’s always amazing – but in different ways each time!

So what was the Intention part? That’s where our next pair of Crystals come into play.

First, the green Amethyst, or Prasiolite (crystal/root/shards without clear termination). You’ll see from the photo I’ve included here – it can rarely be found in clusters (with actual points, in this case trigonic ones!) – more often you’ll see it as you do in the featured image of this Blog (at the top and bottom of all the text/content I’ve written here) lying loose, in this case, and set in a bit from the big clear Quartzes. As an Amethyst – albeit the ‘wrong’ color, not dark purple – Prasiolite is naturally a Vision stone. But the fact that it is green and translucent brings it up into Source, in the company of green Fluorite and Moldavite.

Prasiolite cluster with trigonic pyramidal terminations.

Last among the stones we used were a set of Lemurian Quartz points.

I’m confident that I have more Lemurians than anyone I’ve met, with pricing that runs from $10 to over a thousand dollars a piece.

The ones I chose for this occasion – ’cause I had to find 6 of them – were in the ‘middle’ price range of my line, all worth between $300 and $600 each. I took ’em right out of my Lemurian For Sale flats, because I don’t have that many squirreled away in my Session Room collection. My Session Stones are ones I’d rather keep, though I did ‘have’ to sell a particular Prasiolite to one of my attendees that night. Fortunately, I was able to replace it with something comparable from the sales floor of my shop Portal Crystal Gallery.

People get attached, associating their exceptional experiences with the stones that they use, which is actually what’s supposed to happen. You want to feel connected to the stones you work with – you ‘got’ something from them – and that’s a healthy response. People want to possess the objects that they associate with profound experiences, as a way of holding onto (and ideally re-accessing) that depth.

Most of the time, that still won’t result my selling a special piece to an attendee, and that’s my loss. I could have sold many a stone this way – but I generally have enough only for the ‘Session Room‘ – or the stone is just not easily replaceable (and I’m the one who’s attached to it). Part of the service I offer is to stock a robust collection of Session Stones I’ll never get paid for, because they’re exclusively for the use and benefit of those attending my events.

If you’re in New England, you’ll definitely want to visit our store Portal Crystal Gallery – where all our inventory resides – or visit the online store here at

Now back to the Lemurians and their role that night. First a little background. I’ve written Blogs and made several videos about Lemurians – you can find both here on this site (in my other blogs), and on my YouTube channel (I know I have several videos on the subject). I hope eventually to embed all the links here (for reference). But in the meantime, let me say that Lemurians are the only Quartzes that I’ve ‘graduated’ from being ‘simply’ Channel stones, to being actual Source stones.

Lemurians are individuals – not ‘little people’ or ‘friends’ – I don’t like to anthropomorphize stones. That’s a topic I take on separately, in my Crystal Myths video. There are many other issues I have with the existing (most prevalent) Crystal lore…but right here in this blog is not the best place to tackle them.

Likewise, I’m not going to be able to get into the finer points about the Channel or Source Energy zones, both also deserve separate coverage in future Blogs. If you do get lost – or rather, if I lose you on any topics here – feel free to email me. I might be able to clarify some questions easily that way…but bear with me in the interim…as I make reference to topics I may not be able to flesh out in full here.

Channel cover card, identifying key Channel stones

Lemurians are entities like you’ll find in Channel – but Lemurians are higher – which gives them ‘Source status.’ It’s hard to explain, because this is esoteric information, not based on commonly share-able empirical evidence. Most of my stone energy attributions have some logic to them, this one does not (entirely). I mean – it does make sense that they are Channel stones because they’re clear, and even as entity stones – they would also qualify as Channel stones.

I happen not to be a believer in the whole Lemurian mythology about their origin or associations. Not to say that those beliefs are wrong, or inaccurate, I just happen not to share them. But for some reason, since identifying them physically (they have a handful of distinctive physical characteristics), I’ve been drawn to collect a number of them. They have something to teach me and/or through me, and I’m happy to ‘step out of the way’ and let that happen. In any case, I do love bringing them in to Meditations, because other people’s experiences with them (somehow) informs my growing understanding about them.

Back into our actual Meditation. People relinquished their first two stones and took up a Prasiolite in one hand, and a Lemurian in the other. The idea this time around was – from a place of grounded integration – to use the Prasiolite as a Channel to Source, a pathway if you will, with the Lemurian as the Messenger. And from that vantage point, you were to receive guidance, journey, messages.

I don’t want to divulge anybody’s personal revelations – in fact, it’s been just 5 days, and I don’t rightly remember everyone’s end-point in the Meditation – I don’t write down notes generally, prefering to be in the moment. We talked about how it’s like getting high…where profound understanding is revealed, but like the beauty of a bird or butterfly…you can’t capture it and hold onto it, it’s simply wonderful at the time. That can really be enough, if you let it.

The value of Meditation is not just in its giving us a break from our usual reality – or for its capacity to give us fresh inspiration with regard to our daily life – but Meditation’s deepest gift is how it gives us a glimpse of the Eternal, the intangible, with appreciation of the Process, not necessarily the outcome (or the Product) of our efforts. This was my big revelation from the Meditation – vis a vis my expectations for – and about it.

1st Crystal Integration Meditation layout

Our Meditation was revealing for each person – as usual – in radically different ways. For example, one person talked about accepting their weaknesses, which was quite interesting. We could have pursued that separately, to learn more about what that meant for them, but time did not allow. Sometimes things come up, like I remember in one Meditation recently, there was a sense of loss or ungroundedness, and I let the person stay and hold onto the central piece out of the constellation (because it felt so re-assuring). Another attendee was more into a physical experience of the Journey, being in the presence of the Infinity of Crystals felt amazing for them.

What stood out for me as well was the lack of specific messages, like “you should do this.” Again, this work is not about physical work, it’s about Spirit Work…and you have to live it to understand what that means…and believe that doing such work (and introspection) is worth it. Basically, to get the most out of this sort of Meditation – you have to be willing to Integrate and cultivate your Intention from a very deep place – and be willing to end up wherever it takes you.



Kyle Russell has been working with Crystals for over 30 years – developing his Crystal Concentrics paradigm, based on a major spiritual download from all those years ago – which has been honed into a body of knowledge and understanding that he’s in the process of teaching live and online. Also, 2 years ago today, was the soft opening for his Portal Crystal Gallery shop and warehouse. You can reach with any questions, or to learn more about his Quality Custom Crystal Mail Order options.