A couple of years back, we hosted a Halloween-themed Mediumship evening, before or after which I featured a selection of Crystal Skulls in our darkened Gallery, with seats around them for contemplation. It was magical, but I thought, why not take it to the next level? Surely there must be a way to go deeper with that experience, which I did with a group earlier this week!

During our semi-monthly Crystal Experience Meditation on Monday I sprung the idea of doing a formalized Crystal Skull Meditation as soon as a week later. My attendees loved the idea. Before I knew it, the night was sold out!

I put some thought into it beforehand, though. Often, the topic of the evening’s experience comes to me minutes beforehand. This time it was a bit more painstaking, in terms of process. Some decisions were made off the bat though – they were intuitively obvious to me – like to host the event upstairs (rather than in the usual downstairs room we use). I also decided we would sit in chairs, as opposed to using back jacks and cushions on the floor. And I decided to put the stones on a low table – instead of on the floor – as I would ‘normally.’

I pulled together most of my larger skulls – the majority of which have been available for purchase for some time, – and several were marked down (on sale!) to boot. But after using them personally – the best argument for people actually coming to these events – I appreciated them more, and might not continue to offer those deep discounts. A lot are ones of a kind – I could sell them, I’m not emotionally attached to them – but they’re pretty irreplaceable.

Have a look at the YouTube video I made of the whole setup before anyone showed up, and then scroll down to learn what actually happened…

The evening began with 11 of us gathered in an elliptical circle, with me on one end, and the other end open, to ‘let the energy out.’ A reason I’d chosen to do the event upstairs was that it’s more open and continuous to the outside world. I didn’t want whatever energies which may have been released to be bouncing around in a more enclosed space that we use all the time. Most people associate skulls with spooky energy, and I didn’t want that to get the better of us.

Also, 30% of the people who came had not been there before, and one had never meditated (outside of yoga) at all. So being in a more public space, with our shoes on (they usually come off) felt right. That continued to be true throughout the evening, for which I was grateful.

I always begin every Meditation without stones – doing what I call a Body Meditation – this time focusing on the skeleton: from our long separated (bony) toes to the pelvic basin, and then on up to our skull as the locus of our senses (mental and physical). Have you ever thought of that: all 5 primary senses are located there – sight, smell, hearing, taste, and feeling (which you can also find elsewhere of course, in other parts of the Body). Our thoughts – including Spiritual conceptions happen there (in the mind) it’s a remarkably special place, our skull!

I invited us through a regression: “Imagine your skull shrinking back to how it was when you were 13, 9, then an infant, in utero. Then come back out and return to the present, to your current dimensions.” Of course I took a bit longer to take us through that progression than what I’ve just stated in these few sentences.

Rare Blue Serpentine – akin to Blue Jadeite – quite a wonderful piece (with an amorphous head-back).

I had a vision of our body in a tunnel, with our head being the light at the end of the tunnel, very much like the birth canal (or a flashlight).

Thinking about their skeleton in detail, really embodying it, was a first for many.

I even avoid it – unintentionally – when doing Body Meditations: focusing instead on the respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems. But one of us said that as a kid, she thought of her body as primarily her bones. So (as usual) not everyone has the same experience (or blinders) as others.

That’s part of the value of this experience – in fact, it’s a primary value of this type of group meditation – we learn from and are enriched by the presence and experience of others.

Another person drew our attention to the age of our skulls – and I thought, as I’d never done before – that of course the skull beneath our skin and muscle ages just like the outside, accruing more wear and tear – ‘personality’ if you will – than a young person’s…as the years go by.

These Meditations always serve to highlight how different we are from one another – but yet how relatable our experiences can be – particularly among a group of similarly inclined Spiritual Seekers. By having people share at the start (via personal introductions), and after each segment of the evening’s Meditation(s), we gain wisdom from each others’ experiences. And we are afforded an opportunity to step outside of our inner-personal, self-oriented comfort zones we generally tend to limit ourselves to.

There are always outliers, whose experiences are apparently unique – like one woman’s persistent vision (early in the game) of a white cloud – quite apart from any skeletal revelations. That coincidentally became the lead-in for a later part of our evening’s ‘exercise’ (as I had planned it). Her comments were foreshadowing.

Ultimately, everyone’s experience is welcome and relevant (and becomes ‘part of the flow’). That is a lesson I learn again, in spades, every time we get together.

Some people avoid group Meditations – I think that’s in some ways why they (or others) avoid talk therapy – unless it’s a social anxiety or trauma thing keeping them away. Alternatively, it may be that they don’t want to be held accountable to any outside authority (or reality); they’re unwilling to challenge their pre-existing perceptions; and maybe they just don’t care enough about others to want to be subjected to those other people’s experiences.

The 3 Skulls people were NOT allowed to work with – cause they were mine for the night – left to right: a green Fluorite alien skull (I at first was not gonna give the aliens a spot at the table, but changed my mind for this one); a composite fossil-type Jasper (I forget the precise name) which I’ve associated with a certain family member of mine; and a milky Peruvian ‘mystic candle’ Quartz cluster skull.

The next segment of the Meditation was very important (too!). I wanted to take our individual experiences and meld them into a collective experience, first by having us all project our consciousness to the left and right (and all around), feeling our own skull in the context of our neighbors’…everyone else’s skulls in the group.

Then we focused inward on the center table ‘constellation‘ (that’s what I tend to call a Crystal Layout). I invited everyone to start feeling the individual stone skulls, by size, weight, and material. The idea then was to see ourselves and these Crystal Skulls as part of the larger collective of all humans (indeed beings) Past, Present, and Future.

A couple of folks, at different points in the evening, brought up animal skulls: their cat’s skull, how it felt through its little protective visor at the hospital; and someone else felt like they were themselves a dog, experiencing a field from that low perspective, and frolicking around. Odd stuff like this shows up – it’s like entering our dreams – the subconscious will deliver unpredictable packages when you least expect them.

Everyone did some sharing of what that all was like, and one person talked about a sense of guilt – “no, wrong word” she said – an acknowledgement of all our ancestors’ struggle and even now, the “human trying” / efforting to make things happen in the world (and even just to survive!). For this there was Gratitude, appreciation, for those who’ve gone before. Which I think should be an important component of ‘worshiping’ – truly not an adoration, per se, or deification – of the Skull. What we’re talking about – in this, and indeed all Crystal Meditation scenarios – is taking the opportunity of the symbolic journey to its logical conclusion, maximizing the benefits which we can synthesize from these experiences, for our own good (and by osmosis, into our communities).

Beneath the table were some more Skulls. Note the Bumblebee Jasper towards the center, with the 3-skull votive and oil holder. The black stones are palm sized Apache Tears. And the pink ones are “Angel Nest” Calcites. LED votives surround.

After experiencing the multiplicity of skulls – our own, the stones’ skull forms – and all the others we could imagine, I had us conjure an image of light…a powerful and pulsating stream of photons…surging up through our being (making us sit taller)…and up into the Stratosphere.

I’d had a vision of this particular portion of the Meditation, as I was planning it in my half sleep.

Like a photo burning up or overexposed – the faces fade into white – all features are washed away into the Whole.

To help with this process, I beat the frame drum, walking around in front or in back of folks. I find this frees up our minds. By listening to Sound, we allow old thought patterns to scatter, and when it’s silent again – like birds – we often alight onto new branches.

I also use brass bowls to punctuate different parts of the Meditation. It’s mind and comment-clearing. Sometimes I’m okay with folks sharing one after another, picking up their own story when the person’s before them drops off. Other times, I like to clear the air with a chime.

‘As above, so below’ – another view of the underside of the table – with the great big green Butter Jade (Zimbabwean Stromatolite) skull I’ve associated with another family member.

Our next process was to return that fountain of light downward, back into ourselves.

Having cleared the decks, I wanted us to take the opportunity to identify some new skull or being, with whom we wanted to have a conversation.

The dialog could be one way – us hearing and receiving – or us giving or telling the skull a message.

Here was our opportunity to pick a skull from those arrayed before us, and to proceed in doing our work with it.

We joked about folks fighting over which skull they’d actually get, in case you wanted the one your neighbor had their eyes on.

One of our folks ended up getting nothing (no vibe) – and after the shares – he swapped out his skull for a few others, seeking that Cosmic Connection (that was set to elude him that night). That happens sometimes – not for me and some others I know, who are easily caught up in the Ethers – but I’ve witnessed it with some (and for certain folks, it can happen repeatedly). As with Psychics, sometimes, the channel is not open, ‘they’ can’t get through for whatever reason. If it is a habit, I think that bears looking at, trying to understand – and maybe overcome – because ideally, you want Spirit to appear whenever you call it (so long as you do so respectfully).

Super heavy, spooky looking Hematite skull with a snake on top of it.

Everyone picked a skull to work with – and people had different experiences (surprise, surprise). One woman didn’t end up sharing hers, ’cause it was private. That happens too, and that’s fine. Sometimes you may feel compelled to take a pass, and let others share ’cause you’re not ready, or what you have to say you’d rather keep to yourself.

This entire blog is written from memory, ’cause I don’t take notes during these events, though one of our attendees has become expert at it (for his future reference).

Also, I’m not in the business of sharing people’s secrets and revelations. Unless they’re general enough, anonymous – you’d have to have been there to know who it was – if it even matters. What actually matters is that you as the reader should be learning from, and having your mind expanded by hearing our ‘case studies’ (from afar, without even having been there!).

For example, one woman was talking about how refreshing it was to be in her skull – whose functions are intact and able to help her thrive her various undertakings – relative to the rest of her skeletal system, which has been compromised in one way or another, and has not felt like a well oiled machine for years.

One man received no specific words – but a general message of self-respect and appreciation – an inwardly turned Gratitude that felt like a resolution or happy destination to’ve reached through this Meditation.

One woman reported that she almost walked out – but later her tears came up – and she recognized that she was facing her own resistance, and that instead of walking away from this opportunity, staying in and communing with whatever it did (or didn’t) have to offer, was what was needed in the moment.

A different woman picked the gray Hematite skull pictured above. It was much heavier than she expected – and instead of focusing on the fierce look it shows us here on the page – she felt it energetically, and in a significant way. I can’t remember exactly how she phrased it – often people say “I hope that made sense” after they speak – and it always does. But it’s sometimes challenging to recreate the language or the gist of what was said. I’ll attempt it here. She said something like: “it seemed particularly grounding, connecting me to the Earth, but also pulling down or drawing out of me something deeper…a way I’m supposed to feel or proceed…that is more authentic to my True Self.”

Particularly large Rhodochrosite skull – unusual matt finish – with a little curving geode inside.

That’s probably as good a place to stop as any. We ‘came to’ after that last exercise – ‘re-embodying’ with our breathing – preparing to open our eyes and be back in the room, thanking our borrowed skull and returning it to its original place in ‘the constellation.’

We socialized for a bit, and then were all on our way. It’s a magical window that opens when we do this at the Portal. I’m so grateful to all the brave Souls who step up to be a part of this variegated experience, that seems to snowball and evolve, taking ever new forms, and exposing more revelations.

Feel free to Comment below, or if you were there, to add your observations and suggestions for how I might capture the evening even better.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR (Kyle Russell, founder of CrystalConcentrics.com and the Portal Crystal Gallery)

Each Blog I reinvent my About, without review of what I may have written previously in this spot. That keeps each a unique snapshot of where I am now – which keeps changing – necessarily. I was excited to take this opportunity to do something ‘Skully’ around Halloween, both the Meditation and the Blog. It always seems like such a special opportunity to explore some key topics (Crystal Skulls, death imagery, the ancestors).

This time is also special because I’m speaking at the Natural Living Expo in 2 weeks, about ‘Crystals and Co-Creation’ – the likely topic of my next Blog – and I’m frantically preparing to bring the best display of wonderful Crystals to that. It’s a tall order to ‘do it right’ according to my own highest standards. Some people just throw out a bunch of flats on a table. For me, it’s more of an Art.

Anyhow – in preparation for that event, and it’s been a process – I should be getting back my 14 new Greeting Card designs to debut at the Expo. There’ll be Good Luck, Congratulations, Recovery, Birthday, Love and more to choose from. I’m also in the 3rd printing of my Crystal Meditation & Affirmation Card Deck, which I’ll be getting in the mail early next week as well.

We’ve also coordinated to get and display various other favorite products to share with the audience there, at what I believe to be the largest Metaphysical event on the East Coast.

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