This is a transcription with edits for better readability, annotations, and photos, based on the Crystal Zone podcast #6 (which was podcast recording number 3), released 4/30/20.

Welcome to the Crystal Zone podcast with Kyle Russell of Our motto is Crystal’s for Life!?

I am talking right into my computer because I was not able to find the one little cable that gives me access through my fancier microphone. So hopefully, my engineering whiz: Kobi will be able to figure out how to optimize the sound of my voice.


In the meantime, we’ll get down to business. I will share a lesson learned from a mentor of mine, and that is that it’s better to come early and ugly than late and pretty.

large, standing Black Tourmaline display piece (‘good for’ boundaries, used in this meditation’s ‘central constellation’)

Sometimes there are windows that open up (in time) which allow us to pursue opportunities that we are charged with taking, instead of letting them pass (in the interests of waiting on some even more opportune time to show up).

An example of that has come up because I had been thinking about taking a table in Tucson, which I’ve recently likened to somebody as Rock Heaven. And the opportunity of going to rock heaven once a year by attending the Tucson Gem Show has proven too strong for me to resist. I was doing a fine job of keeping it at bay when I got communication from one of the organizers that a perfect spot had opened up in my favorite/preferred show. So God willing, that will happen and we will see you there in Tucson. So obviously, these podcasts are gonna be heard before and after that time.

But I just wanted to share with you a little bit of my enthusiasm, because for me, that’s a career high point, much like when I was in the music business. I had hoped to perform in Europe – but ended up performing in Jamaica – which in some ways was (of course) imaginably, even better.

(As it turns out, I did make it out to Tucson 2020 as a vendor, and I’ve done both a Podcast and Blog about the experience. This Podcast here was recorded at the end of 2019 when it was still just a hope and a possibility. The reason this episode is coming out much later, is that the earlier Podcasts – talking about my Crystals360 and the actual Tucson experience – took precedence, in terms of being more time sensitive).

natural Citrine transmitter, with semi-record keeper on its top face (representing the Positive Self, and this was used in the ‘central constellation’ of the meditation


Now, the topic of this particular podcast is going to be a Crystal Healing Meditation that I did.

I am often inclined – because each one of these meditations is so rich and full of valuable information – to convey to you that I’m tempted to make a podcast or write a blog about every single one – because they’re each so unique and so newsworthy (as it were).

But this one, I’m going to go ahead and start for you by telling you a little bit about the concept of the Crystal Healing Meditation. It’s designed to be not so much an experience or an intention-setting opportunity, which my two other main meditation types (Crystal Intention & Crystal Experience) are designed to deliver instead. This is one where I tune into you and your situation personally, and pick crystals that are just right for you and your situation.

(In this blog, the Meditations I refer to are all in-person – what we used to do before the pandemic – and can hopefully get back to. During the pandemic, we’ve adapted them to become an online experience, which we’ve done before…but just not so steadily).


Now, with every single meditation, I always begin with what I call a “biomed check-in.” It’s a tuning into the body, scanning… an invitation to all the cells in the furthest reaches of your body to be present, to join the party, to be heard and be seen as a holistic being. And it’s very important, I think, to ground yourself into that reality without reaching for stones, in order to have a sense of independent experience before you bring rocks into the picture.

large chunk of Jet used in the ‘central constellation’ of this meditation (it has to do with internal clearing and cleansing)

The rocks are meant to enhance that experience, to deepen it. But you have to start with that baseline of Consciousness, of Physical Body Consciousness. Whether that consists of any pains you might be experiencing, any racing thoughts you might be having – the impact point between your bum and the chair – any joints that might be giving you a little trouble. These types of things are all relevant and important to bring to the table and to be aware of. So we usually go through that type of a Guided Meditation, and then people share what that was like for them: either a word that comes to mind regarding their actual experience or something that they’re hoping for, or were hoping for, from that experience as a way of sort of catapulting them closer towards that desired state of mind and body.


Rose and clear ‘Water Quartz’ palm pieces

So after the initial meditation, the BioMed, as I call it, we transition into the first set or round of stones. And the way that works is in this case – I thought rather than checking in with people and finding out what was troubling them in the moment – I wanted to give them an opportunity to get past – get even further past the daily hullabaloo – by taking on some naturally healing stones that would put them in a better, deeper frame of mind. Whatever came up after that preliminary, prerequisite experience, would sort of weed out some of the less relevant topics or concerns and bring in the more relevant topics and concerns.

So the stones that I chose to work with for that particular first stone meditation were what I call Water Quartz, which is a rough chunk of quartz or rose quartz that’s been tumbled so that it’s softened. It doesn’t have any sharp or cutting edges, but doesn’t look like a crystal (or a traditional round tumbler). It’s just literally a shard or a piece or a chunk of Quartz, that has been made softer – through a light tumbling process – and I find those to be particularly cleansing. It’s like washing your hands. When you hold them, it’s like water continuously rushing and flowing all over your hands.

And the second stone I chose was a Himalayan Pink Chalcedony Nodule. So Rose Quartz has its place, but it’s symbolic of the larger concept of Unconditional Love. Whereas the pink gel chalcedony – whether it is a nodule like this or was previously petrified wood (which is another key occurrence of pink chalcedony) – it has a super healing, soothing, cleansing, re-aligning quality to it. And to have it in any kind of natural nodule form is a treat.

I don’t think it was found in Nature quite like that. It also seems to be rough tumble, but the softness of the stone gives it a natural textural satisfaction (in addition to the quality of the pink gel chalcedony that it is made of). We put those two stones in each person’s hand, and you have the option to swap hands or put it on different parts of your body. And the function of that second meditation was to have us naturally cleanse, naturally purify, naturally restore ourselves to a greater or more satisfying state of being.



Basalt shard called a Ventifact, ’cause it was made by the wind, and has to do with clearing obstacles (I call it ‘the Black Torch’)

After that, once we did that, we also shared. My sharing technique is usually to go clockwise earlier or counterclockwise later in the meditations. I will sometimes mix it up and just call people out in a kind of semi-random fashion. The reason I say it’s semi random is that it’s not all to the left or all to the right. It might be a person to my sort of front left and then someone across from them and then someone directly to my left. So it’s almost like a bouncing ball that bounces to one end, and then bounces to another and then sort of slowly makes its way around into all the possible corners of the room so that everyone who could share has been given that opportunity.

People reported after the first round sensations of calm and peace, relaxation. And then after the second round they have similar experiences, but it’s augmented just a little bit.

My goal is to get them into a place, a higher place, a higher perspective from which to then reflect back onto their life, their current situation in a snapshot fashion and say OK, what is it that’s troubling me right now? What is an area in which I could really use some more support in? And so everybody did share what it was that was not so much bothering them, but on their minds currently.


I was able to pick one or two stones for each person, and I’m going to tell you about those stones.

large ashen white Quartz point from the state of Georgia, with cathedralization on the point


I’m not going to probably have time to tell you about the stones that I put in the Central layout or Constellation (but I’ve included photos of them here, with some descriptions in the captions).

So we always sit in a circle and in the middle I tend to put some primary stones that are meant to either set the tone or start the process or move the process along. In this case, just for the record, I chose a big ashen white Georgia Quartz, a black Tourmaline log (pictured earlier in the blog), a Queen of the Night, which is the name I give to a giant spiky Calcite Stalactite (the featured image of this blog) – and I put a big chunk of Jet in there, and also a Ventifact – which is one of my favorite types of stones. It is a weather-worn Basalt shard from near the South Pole. Now, I didn’t get into explaining what those were, therefore I didn’t consider it as a grid.

dark lit (by LED candles) meditation space, with a loosely crafted ‘constellation’ in the middle


Crystal grids are generally designed to produce some sort of outcome or advance some sort of agenda. In this case, these constellations are meant to sort of reflect the firmament and bring in a universal aspect or set of energies to the situation. So that’s pretty much all I will say about those. What I wanted to get into was some of the pairs of stones that we did end up using.


I’m going to go through in rough order in which it happened, not naming names because there’s no reason for people’s identity to be brought into this.

Fenster, or Skeletal Quartz, is emblematic of “sickness in health” – where the interior has been compromised – but the shell and structure remain quite solid

But what I share for universal value is the types of stones that they’ve worked with, specifically Skeletal Quartz and a Red Laser. Skeletal Quartz is like a Herkimer Diamond, but it has this shattered interior and represents our coexistence with pain or other Weaknesses that we have within the context of this Greater Strength.

Red Laser Quartz, accesses and harnesses vital Root energies

And then because they (the person whose turn it was) had asked themselves growing up to not play dirty, they’d been well behaved and they wanted to get a little bit more raw, I brought in the Red Laser and it was very interesting because red was a color that they had never been comfortable with dealing with directly. It turns out that they had always sort of gone towards orange (the next color over) or, you know, instead of taking the bull by the horns, they followed the bull around. And so the red laser turned out to be a wonderful tool by which they were able to introduce this fiery energy into different parts of their body by pointing it at those different areas.

Girasol or Foggy Quartz has to do with making peace with the unknown and the unknowable

The next set of stones I used were a Girasol or Foggy Quartz and Celestite. The Foggy Quartz I like because it is what I call the Trust stone. This person was coming up against feelings of Fear and Uncertainty. And I think sometimes one of our best strategies for dealing with that is to simply take it head on and to let it be, and to allow ourselves to acclimatize to the notion of not having everything under control. And that tends to engender a sense of trust.

Celestite symbolizes Heavenly Gifts – things you receive through no merit or effort of your own – but just because

Flipside of that was the Celestite, which I call the heavenly gifts mercy or gratitude stone, because in that situation – come what may – you open yourself up to the possibility of good things happening and also to receiving the value and benefit of good things that have happened in the past, all symbolized by this one stone. And so when it came to sharing at the end about their experience with this combo, they didn’t even remember the specific messages that I had given them about each stone. But the take home message was received and they reported feeling that sense of trust and gratitude (after all) and being in a better place…reaching a level of calmness that they had not known in recent gosh…even years because meditation was not something that they had been doing recently. So it was really nice to give people an opportunity to get back and experience something that has been a little bit at bay for a while.

Rhodochrosite – the cellular vitality – and regeneration stone

Next, we had someone with a sense of Exhaustion and a sense of being Destabilized by always being on the run. And so what I chose for that individual was a Rhodochrosite, which is the Regeneration stone, very physical. It’s a root stone designed to sort of breathe life – put wind into your sails, give you a chance to start over again – a bit of a Rebirthing stone. Rhodochrosite’s on my custom printed Birthday greeting card for that reason.

And the other stone for them was a Battery Quartz (photo below)– a crystal that I had had for 30 years – one of the oldest stones that I’ve had in my collection. And it has always – when I’ve held it and others have held it – given a sense of of amplifying, taking a small flame of energy and building that up, firing it up, making it more vital, making it stronger. And so they also – interestingly – got into a very deep meditation. Their voice got quieter, got more monotone oriented. And what I find is that when people take on that voice, they’re in a deep state of meditation and it doesn’t happen all the time. But when it does happen – and for the people it happens with – it’s always very encouraging.

Next, I have someone who is exploring their Spiritual Mission and their kind of extra terrestrial origins and have been meditating for a matter of years without getting to those places, but with a consistency to really just come back to the table time and time again, to not let bad meditative experiences or experiences where nothing happens, hold them back from still going back to the plate, getting back up onto the field – and up at bat – to use a baseball metaphor.


And in this case, doing that over the course of time, which is something I recommend for people. Most of our breakthroughs don’t happen automatically, although they can happen automatically, instantly, momentarily, miraculously. We sometimes have to work at it and stay in the process over time. And in this case, that has paid off. And so I brought into play a Nebulite, which is a Chrome Chalcedony (greenish orange, and featured earlier in the blog) that is very galactic in nature. And I put as a pair with that a Ventifact, which I had mentioned before (the basalt shard pictured higher up in the blog). There’s a bigger one in the central constellation and I call it the Black Torch. It helps you really open doors, really kind of move forward in the dark. Even if you’re not sure where you’re going, it will clear the way. So that was kind of cool. Now we are so far into this podcast and I am committed to making them only twenty-five to thirty minutes. So I might drop off a couple of the stones. We’ll see where we get.

large Bloodstone boulder, representing self in community

But I will go ahead and tell you about the next pair of stones, which was a Bloodstone for community self in community, because this individual has had ongoing sort of issues of feeling at odds with the group. And so this is kind of to place them in context in a way that was healthy and safe. And then the pyrite concretion they were working with also was designed to give them a sense of domain.

I belong here. I deserve this. Nobody can shake me. I take up my space and I do so without apology. And that proved to be very healing. At this point, in terms of what they’re dealing with, in terms of finding housing and moving and getting help to make that happen.

Now, the next two folks were going to be separating from each other, not in a bad way, but just physically, geographically. And although I gave them stones each for their own personal situations, a big Citrine transmitter for one in order to be and take with them and stay in the presence of their own positive best self (see photo earlier in the blog), while also having a transmitter that could convey and receive information long distance. Another time I’ll explain more about what a transmitter is. Basically, it’s a crystal that stands at an angle and like a sort of radar dish.

pair of six-sided Ruby Crystals – good size and structure – with deep purple/reddish color

And then the other stones that they were working with were Ruby. Ruby designed to keep you grounded, keep you stable, keep you steady and not feel like a balloon that has been un-tethered that’s going to just sort of float up into the sky. And interestingly, and they ended up putting those rubies, two of them, those a squat one in a long one onto their thighs, which was a great way to tap right into the body and have the stone work into your larger body part areas. So that was really a very cool type of thing that happened.

large mama Jade, river worn, from China

Last but not least, I am getting through all of these stones was a mama earth Jade, a great big Chinese water, warm jade, which was designed also to provide a sense of constancy of steadiness and embrace. I often say that the jade is like the base that holds a pond or a lake or even the entire ocean, that silent container that has its arms around the flow, ebb and flow of the waters is the jade. And that provides an automatic sense of calm and soothing and containment that can help people through whatever types of situations they may be having.

So that, in a nutshell, is your live kind of minute by minute walk through the meditative experience as we did it for a crystal healing meditation. And I hope that if you’re in person, you will partake of one of those meditations coming to them in our location in Arlington, Massachusetts. But I am looking to find new and interesting ways for folks to connect with these types of experiences online, as I have through this podcast and through some of my other online offerings, videos and programs that I’m looking to put together. So in case my station IDs don’t do it, this is Kyle Russell of Crystal Concentrics and this is the Crystal Zone Podcast. Thanks for listening. And do tune in again for our next adventures.

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