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Welcome to the Crystal Zone podcast with Kyle Russell of

Our motto is “Crystals for Life!” Lately, I have been taking on topics so big that I’m afraid I will not be able to do them justice – that I will neglect to say something very important that I feel you should know. But that being the case, I still have to press on, and do my very best – this time with a mammoth topic – and that is Moldavite!

Moldavite is a mythical Tektite. It is the result of an “inter-galactic” collision between meteoric materials crashing in through the Earth’s atmosphere and exploding on the surface, blending with Earth materials and creating a tremendous amount of volcanic glass that blew high up into the air. And then some of it – most of it maybe – hardened before ever reaching the ground. But the extreme heat and the travel through the air shaped the little droplets (the little whatever you want to call them) into small planets of their own, complete with craters and nooks and crannies and folds.

Infographic showing possible tektite formations, based on various factors

They were unique in this place. Over in Eastern Europe, I have never gotten a 100% answer as to why it’s called Moldavite. There is the Moldau River there (the most logical explanation). And some people have said it’s connected to Moldova (which isn’t even near there). It doesn’t really matter to me why it is named that. In fact, the Czech people call it something totally different (Vlitavin). And in the blog that I will write to accompany this podcast (you’re reading the written version of it here and now!), you will see some more details.

I always add some edited-in content, because when I look over the transcript of these podcasts, I recognize that there are things missing that I want to make sure you get included in your experience. Another strong reason to check out the blog versions of my podcasts is to find out what a lot of these things I’m talking about look like. Are they pretty? Are they ugly? Are they big or they’re small? What is it that characterizes them visually? And I will promise to give you plenty of photographs to make that apparent!

Moldavite mining in the 1990’s (possible photo credit: one of the Czech elders, searching for his name)

Now, why is Moldavite such a dramatic and extraordinary topic? It is because – particularly for me – Moldavite is how I got into this entire experience of working with crystals (and then later teaching people about crystals). So it all began back in 1987. I had just gotten out of college and I was working at a natural food store. On my day off, I was invited by a friend to go visit the legendary Heaven and Earth shop, which was run by Robert Simmons and his wife Kathy in Gloucester – Massachusetts – which is the state in which I had pretty literally just settled (albeit a 40 minute’s drive away). And when we went to the shop, I looked around. Nothing really caught my eye. I wasn’t even really into crystals yet. My friend purchased a few tumblers and I was getting ready to leave. Then Robert brought me into a conversation about the Moldavite and what makes it so special. He talked about the history and how unique it is because it is gem quality. It’s a green color, unlike all other tektites in the rest of the world and can be faceted (which is very cool). But what’s most amazing about it is when you shine a light through it, you get this incredible other worldly green color that ranges from a kind of a dull, almost brown to a rich green to a vivid, kind of bright neon green. And I was all good with that, except he wanted to give me a piece. And he did. He gave me a piece that probably was worth as much as $80, which at that time was a lot to give away as a gift. And also for me, given that I was barely working minimum wage at the time.

So there I was. I had the Moldavite. My friend and I left. We were driving home on the highway. And I started to feel this extraordinary rush of energy pulling from the sky and through my entire body, all moving towards my pocket where this stone was. And it was so intense that I pulled the stone out and I put it on the floor of the vehicle for the rest of the ride home.

My currently favorite Moldavite – a giant Chlum – 61 grams

And that night I had put it up on the mantelpiece. I was staying over at my brother’s, sleeping on the living room couch, and I had an incredible dream. And in this dream, I was working at my produce shop and a nondescript woman came up out side of the window and looked at me, letting out an extraordinary sound when she opened her mouth. I looked around to see if anyone else had seen it, but nobody did. It was unlike anything I had ever heard. And I responded. I spoke back to her in this language, whatever it was. And it was so intense that I woke right up, sat bolt upright and looked up directly at the Moldavite, which was on the mantelpiece.

What I realized was that there had been a conversation, an important communication, in which she had said basically “The mother ship is overhead. You can come home now.” And I responded to her. “No, I’m not going. I’ve been here too long.”

Right now, I can tell you this story relatively dispassionately. It’s been 33 years. But at the time, it really, really freaked me out. And for the next 25, 28 years, I couldn’t tell the story without getting major goose bumps and feeling not quite queasy, but certainly uncomfortable.

I went on from that night to have a couple of other visions or experiences I realized afterwards. I’m not sure even how close to then I figured this out, because at the time, in 1987, during the harmonic convergence, people were doing toning, which was overtone singing or harmonic singing. And not everyone was tremendously good at it. But the bottom line is that it taps into multiple notes simultaneously. It’s totally non-verbal in the sense that it is not words that we know and understand, but it is a kind of a chord that is very, very intense and other-worldly.

And it was through this language of that tonality that whoever this woman was spoke to me, and I had a follow up dream. I’m going to tell you two dreams quickly, because in our podcast, we don’t have unlimited time. But the first dream I was being set up for what seemed to be like an abduction. A well-dressed man in a suit had contacted me and arranged for me to meet him for a job interview, but told me explicitly not to tell anyone else about it so that I would be completely alone when we met up and needless to say, I said NO to that.

Gaudi’s “Sacred Family” cathedral, in Barcelona, Spain

Then in the third dream, I was in a cathedral, which I had since learned is that Gaudi monstrosity “La Sagrada Familia” (interestingly, the sacred family) in Barcelona, Spain. The enormous and very abstract kind of surreal cathedral was built in the, I guess, ’30s or ’40s. I was in that cathedral with a woman friend of mine and the organs started to all play this harmonic tone. Simultaneously, it was much bigger, much more ominous than anything I had heard before. And we ran out of the building because I told her that the building itself was going to deconstruct, basically dematerialize, sort of explode. But whatever it was, it was not a good thing. And we were gonna be going with it if we didn’t get out and we did get out, fortunately.

So there you have it. My moldavite story, my breakthrough / ultimate download. Why was it a download? Because in within, say, two weeks of it happening, I suddenly knew all kinds of information about the crystals. I had eschewed Moldavite itself and would probably not touch it – barely look at it for another 20 years – until I had really gotten back into the business so much that it was sort of dumb of me not to have it around. And I had made my peace with it such that it was no longer something that was so scary.

I got rid of that first Moldavite pretty immediately. I ended up giving it to this woman who was actually kind of sickly herself – and kind of on the other side of the veil – half way. I don’t know whatever ended up happening to her, but she expressed interest in that particular Moldavite, and I was happy to sell it to her. She was also important because she had introduced me to my first independent retail position as a manager of a store. And so that year (1987) was powerful because it saw me leave food retail working for someone else and move into my type of retail, working for myself.

It saw me jolted into a real and tangible experience of what I call Geo-sentience, where you are able to feel the energy of stones. And it gave me a huge amount of knowledge about what each of many stones were there in order to “do.”

Of course, it’s taken me many years since then to systematize that knowledge – I’ve come up with my 10 energy zone system – and I’m working on a book to convey that knowledge to you. But in the meantime, what had happened was such a transformation for me, and that I directly attribute to the Moldavite experience. And since this podcast is about more than just my Moldavite experience, it’s designed to give you a little bit of a sense not only of what Moldavite has been to me, but what it could be for you. There are books out there. There are groups on social media. And there are numerous, numerous stories telling you what others have gone through by having been exposed to Moldavite. A lot of it is mind blowing! Some of it is extraterrestrially oriented. A lot of people say that their lives have been changed dramatically.

For me, the experience of Moldavite is something that I originally attributed to the Source energy zone. You’ll learn more about that if you read my book or if you check out my blogs, my website, Certainly people have written me and asked me questions about all this stuff, and hoped for answers. I do individual consultations when they do have in-depth questions, particularly about their own experience.  

I sit here now with four extraordinary Moldavites in front of me.

54 gram Zatacka “Cosmic Egg” or “Cosmic Trilobite” – exhibiting (exclusively in this photo) the coveted (not by me) – “poison green” color

One that’s over 50 grams of perfect palm piece wonder. It looks like a trilobite. Another one (a pendant) that I was originally calling a cat’s paw and now I’m calling it a lion’s paw (see the photo lower down, where I talk about my favorite color).

Besednice bowed and flattened spiky “hedgehog” teardrop nicknamed “Cosmic Lake”

And then I have another spiky one. The first two come from the locality (in Czech Republic) called Zatacka and a place called Chlum, and the third one is a Besednice, which is the location where they are most spiky. They’re called hedgehogs, and I’m pretty into those. They’re very heavily etched and like a sort of evergreen pine tree – quite extraordinary – whereas the other ones have relatively tame but exceedingly intricate surfaces (sort of rounded-looking, from a distance).

“the hook” – a frosty Brusna piece – quite unique

And the last piece I’m looking at is called “the Hoof.” It looks literally like the hoof of a horse with lots and lots of extra hair around the round the end of the hoof (and it’s fully “cloven”). You often find little sort of stick marks in Moldavite where it seems to have wrapped around a stick (I think it’s more likely due to elongated air or water bubbles). This is one of them, and it’s from a place called Brusna.  

As a consequence of whatever local geological forces have been working on them, they end up having different looks and feels, all these different pieces. It is also possible that different pieces coming from different parts of the explosion or maybe the interaction of the collision with different ground elements produced different outcomes in terms of the finished type of product.

Someone recently asked online whether the different Moldavites have the same weight-per-mass ratio (or density, one from another). I have no idea what the answer is to that question.

Oval black Tektite – of the type found elsewhere in the world – NOT Eastern Europe (where the Moldavite reigns supreme)

What I do know is that – and this is a relatively recent discovery for me – last year or the year before I discovered that the energetic value and sort of signature of black Tektites is to not govern, but represent the space between our body surface and the outside border or limit of our aura.

And I’ve just realized that Moldavite – instead of representing that aura – represents the Cosmic Aura. It’s a much bigger aura – which is the distance or space between the cosmos and again – where we start. So it’s a much bigger aura. And it is specifically centered and geared towards the stars.

I had once called Moldavite the alien messenger because it brought me key information from extraterrestrial civilizations. And I know this sounds completely outlandish, out of this world (and it actually is). But I’m a pretty grounded and logical person. And apart from that experience, I’ve had a pretty down to earth existence here on the planet. And as I told my extraterrestrial friend who was visiting that time so long ago, I am very committed to staying here as a terrestrial being, not elevating or ascending outside of the planetary realm that we call Earth. So I’m here to stay.

But the Moldavite is here to let you know, certain very, very high information. I will warn you that a tray of Moldavite is like a tray of cell phones. One might take you to the leader of a galaxy or planet far, far away; but another might lead you to the local pizza delivery person. So it’s not guaranteed that every single Moldavite you pick up is going to zonk you and connect you to extraordinary sources of information. That is why I’m very selective about the Moldavites that I pick. I prefer ones that have a harmonious and kind of balanced physical appearance.

the color of Moldavite that I like – of course darker in the thicker areas – but a very pleasing green (to me) on this 40+ gram Chlum pendant

And I do have a color preference, which I’ll be able to show you better. It’s in between the more drab and the more vibrant color, right in between. That’s my favorite.

And I do like large pieces of Moldavite. But I can respect that some smaller pieces will pack a punch as well.

So that is about all we have time for in this particular podcast. I have told you my Moldavite story. I have explained how it opened up the world of crystals for me. I have identified some of the different key types of Moldavite, and I have explained how it can act as a messenger, but also as a kind of almost infinite medium through which intergalactic communications can be made. And as such, that makes it almost a channel stone rather than a source stone. But I’m undecided as to whether I should switch it over to Channel or leave it as a Source stone.

Certainly you will have questions. Certainly I will have left something out and I will look forward to your feedback so that I can add, especially in this blog, which is editable and expandable.

For now, I think this is a pretty complete and valid statement about Moldavite – the material, the stone, the tektite – it’s a volcanic glass. I’ve talked about how it has impacted me and why it is relevant in the bigger pantheon of stones, because there really is nothing else like it. Other tektites are completely different energetically and even every Moldavite is different from every other one.


So I thank you for listening and we will look forward to connecting again soon. You’re in tune to the Crystal Zone podcast, talking all about Crystals for Life, and you might wonder where would be a great place to buy crystals. Well, we have a warehouse and storefront: the Portal Crystal Gallery in Arlington Center, Massachusetts where you can have a look at all our displayed items. And also, if there’s something of interest, we have an extensive back stock in any case. If you’re more distant and you want to work by e-mail and phone, we are happy to serve you through our Quality Custom Crystal Mail Order service. A portion of our inventory is up at But you should definitely email with any questions. We can send you videos and show you all kinds of items which we have not yet had time to upload on to the site. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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