1. Featured Video: first ever fossil display (for me)
  2. Upcoming Events: Meditations, Readings, Lives, etc.
  3. Metaphysical Video: Source & Communication
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I’m finally “off” for a couple of weeks – but I’ll be online – and working with my Portal team daily. Next month I have the Topsfield Fair and shows almost weekly thru Thanksgiving, and then on to Tucson! Always new items at the Portal Gallery (open 1-4pm daily). See our upcoming events (full calendar below). Please Mail Order from us. Reach out with questions.

1. Featured Crystal Video: Fossils, Ammonites, and more…

I have never been big on Fossils – but for this show (East Coast Gem & Mineral), and because I’ve come across some winners recently – I was able to build a credible display with the likes of the following: 3-D printed (and real) Trilobites, a self-dubbed “Horny” Ammonite, UK Ammolite, Crinoids, a Pyrite Ammonite carging, dinosaur sculptures, Goniatite, dino poop (Coprolite), and German Ammonite “graveyard (among others). None of these are on our site – so it’s best to visit our shop in Arlington, MA – or email Kyle. Check out our LIVE SHOW playlist on YouTube, that’s where we’ll be sharing new items first…unless you watch our TikTok & Instagram.

2. Upcoming EVENTS, Live and on Zoom

Crystal Concentrics Events

Times are all Eastern Standard (NY) Time

ONLINE EVENTS (Live Zoom Access & via Replay)

  • Wednesday, Sept 6 online Crystal Meditation w Kyle 7 pm EXCEPTIONALLY on a WEDNESDAY
  • LIVE Sales see all the Replays on our YouTube LIVE playlist

Please be in touch if you have any questions, we’d love to include you!

IN-PERSON (at the Portal Crystal Gallery in Arlington, MA)

  • SHOP DAILY Portal is open 1-4pm daily, Noon on Saturdays
  • Date TBA in-person Meditiation with Kyle
  • Saturday, 9/16 (12-3pm) Pyschic Medium Readings w Cheryl

3. Metaphysical Video: Complex Crystal Concepts

In this video, I talk about 2 Source Stones – Source akin to the Crown Chakra, at the juncture between the human and the divine – and both having to do with Spirit Community (in the case of the former) and indwelling Spirit Community of The Deep. Green Fluorite is “above” (an Ascension stone) and Aquamarine Fluorite is “below” (as in the depths of the seas). And the mediums through which we (or “they”) communicate in those spheres is the media such as supplied (or represented) by Blue Fluorite and Larimar, respectively.

4. Resources: store, articles, blog, podcast, book…

Remember – while we do keep adding new items online – most of our product is OFFline. So it’s best to email Kyle@CrystalConcentrics.com to avail yourself of our Quality Custom Crystal Mail Order service.

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