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We’re entering our 2nd weekend at the 22nd Street Show in Tucson. One of the many reasons I like coming here, is for the Education, I’m still learning after all these years (as you’ll see in this week’s videos). Visit Portal Crystal Gallery or email us for Quality Custom Crystal Mail Order. Email Kyle@CrystalConcentrics.com with any questions.

1. RIB-osaurus Fossil: comparing Repros to the Real Deal

I’ve seen, bought, and sold these pieces before – but it took a trip to Tucson to learn how they’re made (“RIB-osaurus”!). Particularly elucidating when shown in the context of the actual loose teeth and crushed skulls of the original Mososaurs. Really enjoying learning more about Fossils, as we start carrying more of them.

2. Upcoming EVENTS, Live and on Zoom

Crystal Concentrics Events

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IN-PERSON (at the Portal Crystal Gallery in Arlington, MA)

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  • 22nd Street Show – Tucson, AZ – Jan 25 thru Feb 11
  • NY Gems, Jewelry and Mineral Show – NYC – Mar. 2-3

3. Understanding Bismuth: the Method behind the Madness

I really appreciated an expert’s explanation about how the colorful crystals we see and sell are formed – this in the few days before my own vendor setup – as I toured the various permanent installations in Tucson.

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Crystal Energy by Kyle Russell

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