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  1. Tucson First Timers: buying cool pendants (my favorites!)
  2. Upcoming Events: Meditations, Readings, Lives, etc.
  3. Giant Fossils: see a permanent Tucson warehouse
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Last call for Medium Readings TODAY (yes, they can be virtual too!). Join me for an Online Meditation THIS Sunday. Metaphysical Expo coming up in NJ next month. Ongoing Tucson Gem Show coverage. Visit Portal Crystal Gallery or email us for Quality Custom Crystal Mail Order. Email Kyle@CrystalConcentrics.com with any questions.

1. First Time in Tucson: buyers love something different!

It’s such a blessing when you catch the attention of first time Tucson Gem Show buyers. This couple was wowed by our Siberian Jet Raven with Quartz in its mouth (we have a few more); and a perfectly oval Pyritized Ammonite (I’m on the hunt for more). Part of the reason we went out there was to share our Power Stone Pendants, which attract distinguishing buyers, who want interesting Statement Pieces.

If you missed my Heart Pendant Videos, I’ve added them to my Crystal Hearts playlist, which you can find HERE. Email Kyle@CrystalConcentrics.com with interest.

2. Upcoming EVENTS, Live and on Zoom

Crystal Concentrics Events

Times are all Eastern Standard (NY) Time

IN-PERSON (at the Portal Crystal Gallery in Arlington, MA)

  • Saturday, 3/16 (12-2:30pm) see Psychic Medium Readings with Cheryl (coupla slots open, click through to see the schedule, and know that now you can meet virtually, same time slot, OR attend in person)
  • SHOP DAILY Portal is open 1-4pm daily, Noon on Saturdays 

ONLINE EVENTS (Live Zoom Access & via Replay)

Please be in touch if you have any questions, we’d love to include you!

UPCOMING SHOWS ALERT  (NOT on our website, only listed in this newsletter)

3. Giant Fossil Display Pieces: a permanent feature in Tucson!

Visit a permanent Tucson showroom, featuring oversize display pieces made up of different types of fossils, from Mosasaurs to Trilobites, Sea Stars and “Horseshoe Crabs.” Even Crinoids, and some “garden variety” Amethyst cathedrals.

4. Resources: store, articles, blog, podcast, book…

Crystal Energy by Kyle Russell

Remember – while we do keep adding new items online – most of our product is OFFline. So it’s best to email Kyle@CrystalConcentrics.com to avail yourself of our Quality Custom Crystal Mail Order service.

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