Amethyst polished generator w/ phantoms healing crystal


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While Amethysts can be considered a dime a dozen – some, like this piece – stand out as extraordinary. The cut is exquisite, the crystal seems to enlarge, as it rises from the table (which is uncommon in natural OR cut pieces). The color ranges from a gentle Healing Energy pale lavender at the bottom to a rich Spiritual Mission darker hue in the top 60%. It also has a range of at least a dozen phantoms in it – which we don’t normally see in Amethyst – that echo the large point’s form. Great as a display or palm piece! Length: 6.9cm; Width: 2.9cm; Height: 2.5cm Weight: 75.5g (2.66oz) Origin: Latin America, Brazil

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Generators, Obelisk



Energy Zones

Vision (3rd Eye), Healing (chest)


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