Buddha (reverse cut Clear Quartz) (lavender Fluorite stand) 2 piece statue


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Although it is technically possible, this practice of reverse laser carving into crystals to produce an accurate 3D image is actually fairly uncommon and hard to find. This exquisite Buddha is standing on a lotus pedestal and his right hand actually comes out and off his body. If you look to the left or the right at his reflection, it is possible to imagine he is also an angel, and if you look up into the inside top facets, you will see his head reflected to the left and the right. The external crystal carving seems true to the original formation with a couple semi-rectangular windows. The base is made of soft lavender Fluorite, carved to look both like waves and clouds. Lavender Fluorite is a natural soother and a perfect match for this sublime carving. Length: 5.1cm; Height: 8.9cm; Depth: 3.3cm Weight: 179.6g

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Clear, Green, Lavender


Carvings and Sculptures

Energy Zones

Healing (chest), Channel (conduit)


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