Chalcopyrite pyramid #2 (standing chunk) healing crystal


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I like that this piece stands, like a tall pyramid, or mountain. In almost any type of stone, this is a more unusual occurrence, and not only works as a great display piece, but vibrationally, the standing piece allows for more flow from and around it (never mind the fact that you can hold it comfortably in your hand). Of course, the colors are great. Chalcopyrite, or Peacock Ore, is a an iridescent tarnish of copper ore, enhanced through an acid wash. This is from Zacateacas, Mexico, and as a stone, it resembles a non-translucent version of Labradorite, energetically. Also, it’s essentially a laser wand, you’ll feel that, I hope (I certainly did) when you hold it. Length: 8.1cm; Width: 5.8cm; Height: 7.6cm; Depth: 4.6cm Weight: 304.4g (10.74oz) Origin: Latin America, Mexico

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Chunk, Display (including Standing) Pieces, Palm Pieces, Triangular or Pyramidal


Blue (straight ahead), Iridescent, Multi-Colored

Energy Zones

Vision (3rd Eye)


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