Citrine (natural) African (Congo / Zambia) RAINBOW tower healing crystal


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We’ve had a FEW natural Citrines with rainbows in them, but this is hands down the LARGEST, and BEST. The rainbows cover a good part of the bottom sector of the standing generator. It’s a not the darkest, but not the lightest. Bright light bleaches out its color, visually, as you can see in some of the later images. But it’s by no means lost any color. Anyhow, this is a lifetime collection piece for serious Citrine lovers. Hence the price tag. In fact, true Citrine like this is a rarity by comparison with all the color treated ones (Lemon Citrine, etc.). We believe Citrine is one of key Self Energy Zone (Solar Plexus chakra) stones, having to do with the true and unencumbered (prior to or independent of trauma) Self. Length: 7.3cm; Width: 3.4cm; Depth: 2cm Weight: 91.1g (3.21oz) Origin: Africa, Zambia

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Orange, Rainbow, Yellow


Display (including Standing) Pieces, Generators, Point, Tower

Energy Zones

Self (Solar Plexus)


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