Citrine (natural) heavy duty Congo Zambian point, healing crystal


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Almost 2″ thick, this is a squat and powerful example of an African Citrine, we think from Zambia but it could be a Congo piece as well (they’re geographically connected). Notice the incredible, rich color, and the cool baby or twin attached. It’s not in perfect shape, but it’s perfect in its own right, with a very harmonious and balanced point (the comparably formed big faces, with 3 smaller triangular faces set back). Citrine is one of November’s birthstones, and according to prevailing Crystal Lore, it promotes will, creativity, and the enlightened self. In our Crystal Concentrics system, we call it The True Self. Length: 15.2cm; Width: 4.8cm; Depth: 4.3cm Weight: 454g (16.01oz) Origin: Latin America, Brazil

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Energy Zones

Self (Solar Plexus)


Golden, Yellow




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