Citrine (natural) Nirvana Elestial Quartz healing crystal


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I was originally turned on to the particular growth interference Nirvana Quartz variety from the Himalayas – now all gone – so I was amazed to see this material from an unusual source (Madagascar). It’s also amazingly colored true Citrine. I consider Citrine to be the Self Energy Zone Stone having to do with the pure and unadulterated, or uncorrupted Self. Nirvana (and some might argue that this is also) Elestial Quartz types are associated with the Ascended Masters throughout the Ages, making this a VERY powerful and RARE combination. Length: 11.2cm; Width: 3cm; Height: 3.6cm Weight: 119g (4.2oz) Origin: Africa, Madagascar

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Display (including Standing) Pieces, Generators


Positive Ego

Energy Zones

Self (Solar Plexus)


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