Eilat stone fine detail star pendant necklace healing crystal


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Chain is included. Eilat is the national stone of Israel (aka King Solomon's Stone), a blue-green heterogeneous stone consisting of Malachite, Azurite, Turquoise, and Chrysocolla (of which it seems to be a variation). Energetically, it's also a Voice / Healing stone, all about gentle self talk and humility, social graces, being good to yourself and others. It comes from the Southern District, near the Red Sea port city of Eilat, in the Timna Valley, and from the Solomon Mine. There are conflicting reports as to whether it is no longer mined, or simply in very short supply. In any case, it's becoming increasingly rare, in spite of its resemblance to the more common Chrysocolla of Peru. Length: 3.3cm; Width: 2.3cm; Height: .5cm Weight: 31.5ct Origin: Middle East (Israel)

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Energy Zones

Foundation (below root), Vision (3rd Eye)




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