Fluorite (blue/green) egg ‘Aquamarine’ color w/ rainbow – healing crystal


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Outrageously photogenic – in normal light, it’s more like the darker green images – with bright light behind, you see that incredible blue. It’s a Source stone connecting us with the Spiritual realm of the Deep (sea). Quite ascended, in a downwardly oriented way (into the ocean). Large palm size, we’ll include an acrylic round stand for it. STRONGLY recommend what we can Aquamarine Fluorite in your collection, and it mostly comes from Mexico – best stuff, as in this case – more occasionally from China. Length: 7.4cm; Width: 5.3cm; Height: 5.3cm Weight: 271.1g (9.56oz) Origin: Latin America, Mexico

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Blue, Blue Green, Green, Multi-Colored


Ball, Sphere, Egg, and Orb

Energy Zones

Source (crown)


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