Malachite (fibrous) floater, standing display piece, healing crystal


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“Mainstream” (typical) Malachite is a Heart stone all about accessing and expressing your feelings. Fibrous Malachite – like this one – has become more popular in recent years, and it’s far more mysterious. Its irridescence makes it more of a Vision stone, or even a Source stone (connecting one to Spirit Community). In any case, it can lie flat or stand on its side, making it a great display (or palm) piece. Length: 8.9cm; Width: 4.1cm; Depth: 2.8cm Weight: 90.6g (3.2oz) Origin: Africa, Morocco

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Crystal, Display (including Standing) Pieces, Fibrous, Floaters (terminated all around, or mostly)



Energy Zones

Vision (3rd Eye), Heart (emotion)


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