Moldavite (bead) drilled (11.61mm) healing crystal


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Giving jewelers and collectors access to a rare find bead collection, purchased from a very established and reputable Czech source I've done business with for years. Moldavite is the Alien Messenger stone, conveying information from on high. It's also the only gem quality Tektite in the world, formed from the union of heavenly and earthly bodies 15 million years ago. We do include Statements of Authenticity with each purchase. While measurements are provided, and we make best efforts using top equipment, we cannot be responsible for minor differences in weight or diameter calculations due to variable devices' capabilities. Therefore, these items are sold as is - by the piece - and NOT by weight (or price-per-carat). Also, our diameter or Width field rounds mm's up, so you'll want to look at the mm's listed in the Item Name to determine the closest actual width. A reputable source in Europe stated that to make a sphere "costs" a lot of lost material. The perfect sphere it takes to make these beads had to come out of larger, and thicker piece, from which meaningful weight was lost (I've heard 46%90% of the original piece "falls to the floor"). This is why you're paying a higher gram price, because these beads become incrementally more rare, as the mm width gets wider. Width: 1.2cm Weight: 9.43ct Origin: Europe (Czech Republic)

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