Moldavite (carving) pendant for necklace ‘feather’ (Chlum) healing crystal


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Ours is the one the right – we’re only selling that one piece – because it struck us as the best of the batch! Chlum is the Locality where this genuine Moldavite was found. It’s carved on the front – could be construed to be a leaf too – and smooth on the back, except for the stem ridge running down the middle.
This naturally bright (neon aka poison) green, and perfectly custom carved (in) Czech Republic heart hails from the Radomilice locality. It’s even brighter in green than the other comparably sized piece we have from this region. Length measurement includes bale. Moldavite is “the Messenger Stone from On-High” inviting high-frequency energy into your life. It’s the result and blending of space and earth elements to create the only green and gem facetable tektite on the planet. We buy from only the most reliable sources in the Czech Republic, and we furnish a Statement of Authenticity with online purchases. Chain not provided, but we do carry chains separately. Length: 4.2cm; Width: 1.7cm; Depth: .4cm Weight: 15.7ct Origin: Europe (Czech Republic)

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Heart-Shaped Stones, Pendants, Tektite or Impactite


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