Moldavite pendant (rough) for necklace (48.6gr) healing crystal


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Certified authentic by an IGS (International Gem Society) gemologist, who had this to say about it: “Clarity Grade Medium Green. Transparent. Collector’s Grade, Jewelry Grade. Very nice thumbprint Traditional Tektite Formation Geometric Shape – set in Silver cap for pendant.” This extraordinary pendant is a real power piece, fits just so on the chest, and also in your hand. It’s from the Chlum locality. Weight of the stone alone is 42.74gr; and 48.6gr with the Sterling setting. Length is including the extended bale. Chain not included (but we sell them). A photo of this pendant is featured in Kyle Russell’s book “Crystal Energy.” It’s nickname is “Lion Paw.” Moldavite is the Alien Messenger stone, connecting us to On High as an Ascension Stone, opening us up to interdimentional communication. It’s the product of a meteor strike 15 million years ago – melding Earth and Space elements – and landing mostly the Czech Republic. It’s the only Tektite in the world that’s green and facetable gem quality. Length: 8.4cm; Width: 3.3cm; Depth: 1.3cm Weight: 48.6g (1.71oz) Origin: Europe (Czech Republic)

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