Moldavite (rough) mini ‘frozen waterfall’ (.9g) healing crystal


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Very glassy and an example of the rare 'neon' or 'poison' color type of Moldavite (which would be more vibrant if the piece were thicker). It's a part of our "Moldavite-mini" line of affordable Moldavites. Moldavite is the Alien Messenger Stone - facilitating communications from on high - and may also be called the Cosmic Aura stone, due to it's highly ascendant energy. It's the only gem quality - and green - Tektite on the planet, formed from a meteoric impact in the Czech Republic 15 million years ago. All of ours are genuine, and we do mail out a Statements of Authenticity with each purchase. Length: 1.8cm; Width: 1cm; Height: .5cm Weight: 4.5ct Origin: Europe (Czech Republic)

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Energy Zones

Source (crown)




Chunk, Floaters (partial or complete), Rough Stone, Tektite or Impactite


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