Moldavite (rough) Besednice (3.4gr) healing crystal


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Nicknamed “Shooting Drop” – this incredible, spiky Moldavite hails from the coveted Becednice locality – and it came to me through a Czech dealer in Tucson in 2018. It’s got some nice “hedgehog” spikiness and a nice curve, perfect as a 3rd eye piece. Moldavite is the “alien messenger” stone and perhaps the premier Ascension stone, a tektite, the result of a meteoric impact 15 million years ago. All our pieces were found in the Czech Replublic. We provide Statements of Authenticity. You can order a Gemological Certification separately, if you like (for an additional cost, would take some weeks). Length is 1.48″ by .62″ wide and .3″ thick. Length: 3.8cm; Width: 1.6cm; Depth: .8cm Weight: 17ct Origin: Europe (Czech Republic)

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Energy Zones

Source (crown), Channel (conduit)






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