Quartz (Ajoite) museum cluster, stands two ways, healing crystal


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A definite museum piece – this huge Ajoite has 46 blue-tinged points (6 larger and 40 smaller) – harmoniously spread out through the cluster. Amazingly, it stands perfectly – two ways: one with the largest crystal on the right – and the other way, with it on the left. I saw this in a fellow vendor’s display case at a major gem show – and couldn’t stop thinking about it – I’d been lukewarm to Ajoite till I finally bought a piece at a previous show. Now I’m convinced – it combines the Compassion of Milky Quartz – with the Gentle Voice of Turquoise and the bright blue green of the minerals suspended in high mountainous lakes. My nickname or tag for Ajoite is: the Heavenly Voice of Compassion. Width listed is left to right, when the piece is standing with it’s large crystal on the right side. Depth is front to back. And height is on the back – in that same position – from the table surface to the top of the cluster. Width: 17.8cm; Height: 11.2cm; Depth: 10.9cm Weight: 1990g (70.2oz) Origin: Africa, South Africa

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Blue, Milky, Multi-Colored

Energy Zones

Source (crown)




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