Quartz (Angel Aura) S. African cactus aka spirit cluster healing crystal


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Aura Quartzes are plated with precious metals. This one’s a cross between the whitish Angel Aura and the rainbow’d Opal Aura. The Aura Quartzes are always beautiful, but they can seem a bit disembodied, because the aesthetic enhancement removes the original crystal’s energy. This one has an even sheen all around – even underneath – with a slightly pleasantly peachy pink undertone. Now this formation is unusual in itself – cactus quartz usually has a main point with ‘pineappling’ crystals beneath – but while these twin points are pronounced, what happens below then is more smooth and druzly looking, which makes it technically a Spirit Quartz. In any case – these were probably done some years ago – because the source material is more rare, and you just don’t see it with this color. Definitely a find and a collector’s piece. Stands naturally! Length: 2.8cm; Width: 3.3cm; Height: 2.8cm Weight: 70.5ct Origin: Africa, South Africa

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Rainbow, White

Energy Zones

Vision (3rd Eye), Relationship Stones (part of Heart)


Cluster, Point


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