Quartz (Celestial floater) cluster, ‘helix’ ascension healing crystal


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Super exquisite fine cluster of ascension Quartz – a floater – terminated all around (likely formed in solution). It also has an interesting semi-spiral, or helix formation – would make a great 3rd eye stone – for forehead meditation. Most Celestials are flat, but this fit the category simply by being so elevated in vibration. A cluster of Herkimers like this would be hundreds – and although these aren’t Herkimers – they’re as bright, though milky, and VERY rare (in that I haven’t found this formation anywhere else in the world). Length: 3.1cm; Width: 3.1cm; Depth: 2.5cm Weight: 75.5ct Origin: Africa, Morocco

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Clear, White

Energy Zones

Channel (conduit)


Cluster, Floaters (partial or complete)


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