Quartz (Kundalini) standing tower w/ clear core and phantom, healing crystal


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Kundalini Quartz is a fancy New Age name for quartz that features a primary point surrounded by kind of starburst smaller crystals forming upwardly along its side (not to be confused with Candle Quartz). We call it Geyser Quartz as well. This one’s from Madagascar – but similar forms, particularly in Citrine – come from the Congo. Anyhow, this one’s exceptional because the crystals are so well formed and continuously covering it in a balanced way, all around. We had the base sawed off, so it stands, and now there’s a beautiful bullseye on the bottom. At the top, you’ll see a clear and centered phantom. It’s a real collector’s item, and metaphysical masterpiece. Length: 8.4cm; Width: 3.6cm; Height: 3.6cm Weight: 138.9g (4.9oz) Origin: Africa, Madagascar

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Clear, White

Energy Zones

Vision (3rd Eye)




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