Quartz (Lemurian) 3-sided (Brazilian) Muzo habit (7.8″) healing crystal


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3-sided Lemurians are RARE – formed by 3 primary sides – with the remaining 3 sides quite slivery and set back, away from the tiny point. May have been buffed, but all surfaces including the point, seem totally natural. This came out of my personal collection, and is an absolute master crystal! Lemurian Quartzes can be identified by these key factors: the point, ridges and alternating siding (both in form and frostiness vs clarity), and extra faces. Some we call 3-sided, 4-sided, stylus points, etc. A qualifying piece – unlike most on the market – must have more than one of these qualities. See our popular blog on Lemurians on our website. Lemurian Quartz is among a very few clear Quartzes that are not simply considered Channel stones, but rather they are Source Energy Zone stones, because they represent higher roles, the mantle, or responsibility of elevated beings. They are not those beings – or stand-ins for those beings – they are literally the position or stature embodied. As such, they are particularly elevated wands or lasers, and are prized highly among the many many Quartz varieties. Length: 19.8cm; Width: 5.8cm; Depth: 4.4cm Weight: 450.4g (15.89oz) Origin: Latin America, Brazil

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Crystal, Point, Triangular or Pyramidal, Wands (incl. Lasers & Massage tools)

Energy Zones

Source (crown), Channel (conduit)




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