Quartz (Lemurian) pendant for necklace, gold-wrap, healing crystal


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A lot of people don't realize how great Quartz looks in a gold setting - this one's custom wrapped with gold filled wire - and it allows the point to "breathe." It's got a "baby on board" smaller point, attached on the side. And it's a bona fide Lemurian Quartz with an all natural, perfect point - no artificial polishing - and some naturally occurring dings in some places on the crystal. Lemurian Quartz is different from other Quartzes, in that it represents your Spiritual Role, something you step into, with its own responsibilities. It could be worn one way or another, with the 2nd crystal showing up front, you can see the narrow point of the back face. Length: 7.3cm; Width: 1.7cm; Depth: 1.3cm Weight: 81.5ct Origin: Latin America, Colombia

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Crystal (termination), Pendants, Wands (incl. Lasers & Massage tools)



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