Quartz (Lemurian) red hematoid Moroccan (2.1″) healing crystal


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Where do you find red Lemurians in the world? Only Morocco - and rarely are they in this good shape - the color seems throughout (not just surface). It's like a firey, more root-oriented Lemurian, that we're used to. We call it 4-sided, 'cause when you look at the point - the top and bottom are parallel - and the next biggest sides are diagonal. 2 of the 6 sides are smooth though matt, and the rest are ridged or rough (and the point is pretty intact). Great specimen! Length: 5.3cm; Width: 2cm; Depth: 1.4cm Weight: 81.5ct Origin: Africa, Morocco

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Crystal / Termination, DT's (Double-Terminated Crystals), Points, Wands (incl. Lasers & Massage tools)

Energy Zones

Root (1st chakra), Source (crown)




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