Quartz (Prase, cathedral) blue-green ‘double vision’ twin healing crystal


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Serious museum piece – of which there are hardly any others – at least of this size, condition, and harmonious look and feel. Notice the incredible texture and cathedraling all the way around. It sits seamlessly atop a custom milled stand we had built for it, which is 3″ in diameter. Known as Prase Quartz, sometimes called Hedenburgite-in-Quartz. Some think it’s Actinolite coloring it, the sources online don’t always agree. HOWEVER, whatever it is that colors this (it’s not just an inclusion like Chlorite, or a coating), it alters the crystallization in unique and wonderful ways. Sourcing is from the teens (circa 2010) in Inner Mongolia, we’ve heard more specifically, from the Huanggang Deposit. There isn’t more being discovered, and while Chinese Prase Quartz (the type originally being made famous from the Serifos, Greece variety) shows up in several different crystal forming habits, this is the most spectacular. Origin: Asia, China (Inner Mongolia)

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