Rhodochrosite (cut and polished) nice pink obelisk healing crystal


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Remarkably uniform pink color and patterning all the way around – which is becoming increasingly rare – and it’s a solid mid color, not pale and low grade (as also tends to happen more and more nowadays. Shadow in the last photo makes it look darker than it really is, and some of the others make it look a bit paler than it is. Basically, it’s more beautiful than we’ve been able to capture on camera, which is part of why it’s not $120. For just under $100, this is a solid example of what Rhodochrosite – a Root Energy Zone stone about cellular regeneration and vitality – has to offer. Length: 5.3cm; Width: 2.3cm; Height: 5.3cm; Depth: 1.7cm Weight: 37.9g (1.34oz) Origin: Latin America, Argentina

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Energy Zones

Root (1st chakra)




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