Sugilite (pendant for necklace) semi-gel w Manganese healing crystal


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We call this piece “Yin & Yang” because of the duality of the purple half and the black Manganese half. Because of the drama of this contrast, this is the FIRST of 11 pieces we’ve had turned into a pendant, in this case with a solid Sterling bezel/band right around. It also has a solidly proportioned bale. It is Disc #11, from the collection. Chain is not included, though we do sell them. We’ve also noticed that in addition to being quite rare – what discs we’ve found online – are far inferior (notice the gel clouds visible when back-lit). Sugilite is the Manifestation stone – hailing from the Voice Energy Zone – and having to do with the very mechanics of how we turn Visions into Reality. It’s quite rare – having mostly been mined out in the 70’s & 80’s – so our pieces are essentially “vintage”/old collection material. It naturally contains a variety of minerals, in addition to the classic purple and pink, including black Manganese, red Bustamite, and blue Richterite. We call pieces Chromatic that have no translucency – which, if present – we call gel (best seen backlit). We also find that Sugilite is “photo-synergistic” – meaning that it gets brighter with more light – and can appear much darker in low light. Just about doubled in weight – from 5.2gr (or 26ct) – to 10.2gr set. Original diameter was 1″, now it’s 1.15″ and the length, with bale, is now 1.59″. Length: 4cm; Width: 2.9cm Weight: 26ct Origin: Africa, South Africa

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Black, Multi-Colored, Purple

Energy Zones

Voice (aka Throat)


Disc, Donut or Pi Stone


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