Sugilite pendant for necklace ‘magenta diamond’ healing crystal


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Sugilite is the Voice Energy Zone stone associated with Manifestation. Notice how dark it is in low light, but how the pinks and purples come out in bright light. We call that dynamic “photosynergistic.” In the Crystal Concentrics paradigm, Sugilite is the ultimate Manifestation Stone, acting by celestial osmosis to bring into being what you hope and seek for. Sugilite comes from South Africa, was mined out in the 70’s and 80’s, and most of what’s available on the market today is disappointingly impure and low grade. Also, most vendors portray it with poor color reproduction and wet, so it looks like it might if it were cut and polished. We like to show you what they look like in various lights. Our prices on this material are not so flexible, because we’ve put a lot of energy into seeking, grading and marking these appropriately, relative to one another. The more a piece is, the more rare and deserving it is of having that price tag applied to it. Once you familiarize yourself with our inventory, you’ll understand how we’ve done our grading. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Oh, and in closing, you’ll notice that we also prefer natural pieces, uncut or polished (unless in, or for jewelry), with harmoniously pleasing shapes and uniformity of color wherever possible. This particular sliver is very fine – it shows solidly purple in most lights – not translucent though. Chain is not included, though we do sell them separately. Length: 5.5cm; Width: 3cm; Depth: .3cm Weight: 63ct Origin: Africa, South Africa

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