Sugilite pi donut disc (edge & sector gel) #7 (43ct) healing crystal


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Really nice swirly purple patterning - minimal, but artful, black Manganese areas - and meaningful gel sectoring & edging. Sugilite is the Manifestation stone - hailing from the Voice Energy Zone - and having to do with the mechanics of how we turn Visions into Reality. It's quite rare - having mostly been mined out in the 70's & 80's - so our pieces are essentially "vintage"/old collection material. It naturally contains a variety of minerals, in addition to the classic purple and pink, including black Manganese, red Bustamite, and blue Richterite. We call pieces Chromatic that have no translucency - which, if present - we call gel (best seen backlit). We also find that Sugilite is "photo-synergistic" - meaning that it gets brighter with more light - and can appear much darker in low light. Length: 3.3cm; Width: 3.3cm Weight: 43.05ct Origin: Africa, South Africa

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Energy Zones

Voice (aka Throat)


Disc, Donut or Pi Stone


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