Jade (purple Jadeite, natural) GF wire wrap pendant healing crystal

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I’m a big fan of this composite Jadeite – apparently it has different impurities that lead to different color combinations – but what else is new with Jade (apparently it’s pure white in its unadulterated form). Anyhow, what you see here is an example of some of the best color coming out of Turkey, and it’s from around 2015, although it was wire wrapped (gold fill) more recently. Energetically, we group it with Nephrite as a soothing Heart Stone, which makes sense. Maybe we can add, that being purple is a spiritual color, and could be blending Heart with Spirit, which is kind of cool. Length: 6.5cm; Width: 2.8cm; Depth: .7cm Weight: 71ct Origin: Central Asia, Turkey

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Energy Zones

Heart (emotion)


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