Crystal Meditation 10



Theme: CLARITY & FOCUS. Stones: CLEAR & LEMURIAN QUARTZ. Kyle explains that even with Single-Stone Meditations, he delivers the full spectrum of depth and power conveyed in Multi-Stone Meditations. He explains is concepts of "Pre-Med" (meditating before a meditation, in preparation and for the enhancement of it) as well as "Apres-Med" after-Meditation, perpetuating the vibe. But the main thrust of this particular Meditation was to bask in the light of Complete Illumination and Open Awareness that ultra-clear Quartz brings (in this case perfect examples of both: a rainbow sphere and a high grade Lemurian Quartz). Various phrases or mindsets were posed as the opposite (and to be dissipated) through this Meditation: "I'm overwhelmed," "I can't," and "I don't want to." Unseen in this video are our customary welcome chat and sharing afterwards, by those who want to, and are enriched by hearing others' experiences. Those added benefits are reserved for those who attend the live online meditations, in real time, at the original time of broadcast. If you haven't already, please visit, and Subscribe to be notified of our next offerings. Any questions? Email Copyright Crystal Concentrics - this is an exclusive access video - please do not share without author's consent.


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