Crystal Meditation 30



Theme: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE with CRYSTAL SKULLS. Stones: PYRITE, LAPIS, FOGGY or GIRASOL QUARTZ. As part of the initial grounding exercises, we unusually scanned our various bones, our skull. Moving on to the stones, we explored past, present, and future using the Self Energy Zone skull of PYRITE; the "Eternal (or perpetuating) Voice" skull of LAPIS (a Voice Energy Zone stone); and GIRASOL (or FOGGY) QUARTZ (another Voice stone), in this case the Skull of the Future (engendering Faith and Trust). This is the 2nd online Meditation we did about Crystal Skulls in 2020. Copyright Crystal Concentrics - this is an exclusive access video - please do not share without author's consent. If you haven't already, please visit, and Subscribe to be notified of our next offerings. Any questions? Email


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