Crystal Meditation 20



Theme: NEW EXPERIENCE OF THE 4 DIRECTIONS. Stones: MOLDAVITE, AQUAMARINE FLUORITE, BLUE APATITE. After grounding, and ambling from a clearing in the forest to our perch on a cliff overlooking the ocean, we journey further. Rather than situating ourselves in the traditional 4 (East, West, North, and South) or 6 directions (adding up and down), we use Source Stone MOLDAVITE (and a circle drawn around and above us) to connect out all the way around the world (to the terrestrial) and upwards in a cylinder or expanding reverse funnel (to the atmospheric and extraterrestrial). Then, we dive into the sea, exploring the watery depths (in an opposite to ascension, we descend) using another Source Stone: AQUAMARINE FLUORITE. Finally, we look inward, to the infinite interior that is our Subsconscious, using the Vision Stone BLUE APATITE. If you haven't already, please visit, and Subscribe to be notified of our next offerings. Any questions? Email Copyright Crystal Concentrics - this is an exclusive access video - please do not share without author's consent.


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